New Partnership Between Social Box Biz and Centrepoint Aims to Reduce Homelessness

Laptops for Homeless People Initiative ( case study )

A blog post update by Heather Howkins (May 2019)


Startling statistics were released last fall and seen in headlines around the world. As it stands, we now know that there are at least 320,000 people who are homeless across Britain. In London alone, we find that there are around 170,000 homeless people here alone. To think that 1 in 200 of people in Britain alone are homeless is astounding, but it is the truth. The imperative need for a solution is being answered by numerous charities and organizations who are working to help bring the homeless off the street and get them back on their feet.

One of these organizations is called Centrepoint. This charity was actually founded many years ago in 1969 to help provide housing and support for homeless people within the ages of 16-25. Social Box Biz is excited to announce that we have partnered with this exceptional organization to help the homeless get off the streets and safely back into the world.

Here at Social Box Biz, we are constantly forging new relationships. As a matter of fact, our entire business model is based on relationships. We work with companies who donate their old technology, and then we take these products, re-home them with open source software, and give them to those who need them the most. It’s because of partnerships like this one that we can do our best work. The entire mission is to help those who need help!

This model has yielded so many success stories. Already from our partnership with Centrepoint, we are receiving success stories.

One of Centrepoint’s clients, Abdul, recently received a laptop from Social Box Biz. While he had some knowledge of tech, he has had the time to deepen his roots in areas such as research. Abdul is now able to seamlessly get online and study virtually any time, and he’s also working on increasing his typing skills. Thanks to his new computer, Abdul can keep abreast of the latest headlines from around the world. This simple offering – a computer – has empowered Abdul in remarkable ways.

It’s because of stories like this that we continue in our mission. We are steadfast in finding new partners who are willing to donate old tech, and we are also likewise always looking for organizations to partner with who can help ensure this technology falls into deserving hands. To be partnered with organizations who are on the same mission as us is remarkable.

As for Centrepoint, they are working especially diligently to support and protect youth and young adults by getting them off the streets and empowering them to achieve education, careers, and more. We are grateful for organizations such as this who are truly on a mission to make a major impact in this generation – as well as tomorrow’s.

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