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A blog post update by Heather Howkins (May 2019)

Socialbox, social box, esg, social box biz
Socialbox, social box, esg, social box biz

SocialBox.Biz has been a driving force in providing technology for the underprivileged, and we’re always thrilled when we cross paths with another organization that’s been giving back. In this case, we’re referring to the team at Working Chance.

Working Chance is the only organization you’ll find in the United Kingdom with a mission of helping women transition from the criminal justice system into stable employment.

We’ve actually partnered with Working Chance before to provide tech products for their training room, but now, we’ll be offering tech products directly to the women they serve. 

The team at Working Chance recently shared a story with us regarding the importance of tech in the lives of women who’ve just left the criminal justice system.  

Socialbox, social box, esg, social box biz

According to Working Chance, one of the women they help came in for a session with a team member. During her session, the woman described how frustrated she was. You see, she had enrolled in a fitness and personal training class. This one year course would help her find a job. Since she doesn’t have a laptop, however, she was unable to complete an assignment for her course. While she has a smartphone, she says it’s difficult to complete documents and access PDF files for revision from such a small device that simply wasn’t designed for such.

We can’t help but see an opportunity to make an impact here.

Women transitioning from the criminal justice system face major challenges. Finding employment, finding a home, and finding transportation are among the top challenges faced by women who’ve just emerged back into everyday life. These women are at the mercy of society, in many cases, and we know that it’s just not easy to get back on your feet after something like that.

For that reason, we are proud to be partnering with Working Chance and helping the very women who need it the most. Working Chance helps these women find jobs, and our role in this endeavor will be pivotal to helping fulfill this mission. We will be donating tech that has been donated to us through our unique model, and these produces will make a sustainable, positive impact in the lives of the women who come to Working Chance!

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