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A blog post update by Jenni (January 2018)

New Year, New Classes – Happy New Year from all of us at!

Were excited to announce an expansion of our services as we enter 2018 through new classes in the community!

As you may know, were on a mission to help more than 1,000 homeless people with donated used laptops via our charitable partnership by the year 2020. Part of our social and digital inclusion mission of to help homeless people get their lives back on track. Laptops are handed to homeless individuals once they have moved into accommodation and complete some training classes.

We have reached the huge milestone of 200th laptop for our Laptops for Homeless people initiative, so now, were making this donation even more impactful by providing IT training to the homeless individuals at Thames Reach charity who receive laptops from our program.

Today, its very difficult to live without regular access to the internet because of all the services that can only practically be used online, such as job application tools and banking resources. Unfortunately, many of the United Kingdoms homeless population have never used a computer before and still feel lost even after receiving a donated laptop. To solve this problem, we have begun to deliver classes for the iReach project at Thames Reach organization. Through these iReach tutoring sessions, laptop recipients learn to use communication networks like email, career search engines etc. Were also teaching these individuals how to use open source software which is compatible with applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with no cost to the user. These lessons will help laptop recipients create resumes and learn office skills as they prepare to enter the workforce.

In addition to offering these client-facing courses, our founder Peter Paduh is participating in a new lecture series on entrepreneurship offered through his alma mater, University of Westminster Business school.


He will be educating students on “What It Takes to be an Entrepreneur” with emphasis on socially focused entrepreneurship by sharing his personal story of how he started and the lessons he learned along the way with hundreds of students. Peter is one of several Westminster alumni who are offering their advice and experiences to teach new students about successful entrepreneurship. 


Are you holding onto old technology that could be reused by someone in need? Please consider help a homeless UK resident get back on his or her feet.

Boost the local community and your Corporate Governance with old laptops from your office

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