Boost the local community and your Corporate Governance with old laptops from your office

Laptops for CharitiesSocialBox.Biz, a London-based technology social enterprise determined to use their expertise and knowledge for the betterment of both the homeless in accommodation services, older people living in isolation as well as unaccompanied refugee minors by collecting outdated laptops and re-homing them to those in need.

In return, participating corporations and businesses witness incredible Corporate Social Responsibility increases.

Corporations can have their no longer needed but still useful and working laptops collected or host laptop collection boxes onsite for increased donation rates from their colleague’s no longer needing the devices. Outdated laptops, tablets, game consoles and accompanying accessories are placed in the donation box and then transported and refurbished via Storage, laptop donate

Any corporation that participates in the digital inclusion initiative will receive increased Corporate Governance and Social Impact ratings with local communities, as well as positive press and marketing exposure to prospective investors, clients and customers. This is a win-win for everyone who chooses to be part of this initiative as more corporations consider the significant monetary gains of pursuing practical Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility  (#Corpgov #Sustainablity) by with their old laptops that can be used by those who need them the most.

To arrange a collection of older laptops from your office or host a laptop collection box at your office and start turning your business problems into opportunities and resources for your local community contact us today :

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Check out our 5 Steps to cost neutral old laptop re-homing service

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