London, The UK – SocialBox.Biz, a social impact technology initiative based out of London with a strong mission to help the disenfranchised members of society through laptop donations, this year helped multiple UK firms significantly increase their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by hosting laptop donation boxes onsite for both staff and visitors to use.

They seek for the homeless and elderly in accommodation services, SocialBox.Biz worked hard to directly reach out to corporations and propose they help further with these efforts.

“CSR is an amazing concept that drives massive entities to give back to the surrounding communities through donations, charitable givings, and accessibility. We present the perfect opportunity for these organizations to partake in something amazing while donating little time and energy to make it happen,” said Saumel Sonu, spokesperson at SocialBox.Biz.

SocialBox.Biz was busy with Marketing and Public Relations on behalf of its clients about partnering with their “Laptops for the Homeless Support”

Laptops are donated to programs that provide both the homeless and elderly with basic access to food, water, shelter, and power. The London social impact initiative then hosts “laptop handovers” in conjunction with local charity organisations, government officials and businesses leaders.

“We have had an amazing year, and our partnered corporations have had an even better year with their improved CSR,” said Samuel.


Any corporation that participates in the charitable initiative will receive increased CSR ratings with local communities, as well as positive press and marketing exposure to prospective investors. This is a win-win for everyone who chooses to be part of this initiative as more corporations consider the significant monetary gains of pursuing serious CSR by donating their old laptops.

Any office facility interested in the partnership should reach out to SocialBox.Biz via their website.

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  1. Londoner_Bob says:

    This is excellent work Socialbox, over in the US dedicated activist groups, socially responsible investment research firms (SRIs), publishers, bloggers, and government agencies review and analyze the behavior of thousands of companies. The most comprehensive data comes from the SRI firms. Their information is used primarily by socially-oriented investment managers and mutual funds. Ordinary consumers cannot afford to purchase their research and have not had a framework they could use to combine the information from these sources into a single consistent rating system. Providing these corporate social accountability ratings will increase the transparency of CSR progress and performance, and more openly encourage critical discussions of how companies treat their employees, impact the environment, adjust their carbon footprint, act in their community, provide innovative products and services for sustainable development, and govern themselves and encourage broad change that relates company marketplace performance to their environmental, social and governance performance. what makes any business a good business is not only profitability and growth, but also a responsible approach to the environment and local communities in terms of additional efforts and even cultural change of these corporations. This is excellent work Socialbox as companies that make good efforts are entitled to share their experience and set good examples for others.

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