This laptop changed my life (case study)

A blog post update by webmaster Sam (April 2018)

Dave (name has been changed) had been homeless for five years following the unexpected death of his mother. Dave never really understood how important his Mum was in his life until she had gone and the resultant depression that set in completely destabilised him. Dave lost his job, lost his home and he drifted away from all of his friends. He ended up living on the streets, not really knowing how he got there, not knowing what to do next.  Through our partnerships with the local homelessness support services, Dave was supported to leave the streets, move into accommodation and started to receive help for his emotional breakdown. This took time but bit by bit he started to get well again. Dave started to look to the future.

Dave received a free re-homed laptop from to help him practice his newly found skills and to help him build a new life. He starting researching jobs, undertook on-line training and even made new friends through social media. His laptop gave him a window into a whole new world.

Gaining employment is an important part of avoiding homelessness and so Dave was referred to the Employment and Skills programme where he took part in a digital skills training course. Through this course, Dave’s confidence grew and he started to dream about working again.

Dave said, “It is really liberating to have a computer of my own. You probably have no idea what that is but I’m so grateful for your help and support. Many, many thanks indeed”.

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