Laptops for Vulnerable Families in central London – councils and other large organisations in London and beyond urged to support SocialBox.Biz old but still usable tech collection drive.

A blog post update by Jenni (June 2018)

New cooperation partners announced

Were excited to announce new partnerships with several central London organisations, including the Paddington Charities,  and Charing Cross Library. These new relationships will allow us to serve even more individuals and families who desperately need digital inclusion through our initiatives.

Paddington Charities support local residents who lack funds to provide for their basic needs, such as clothing and housing. Many of these residents are in distress due to a disability or other medical condition. Paddington Charities also supports families and vulnerable people who need financial assistance to further their education or trade-related courses.

Recently, one of their workers reached out to us with a story of how we were able to support one of his clients with a laptop. He told us has made a huge difference in her life,  and made her feel like shehas not been forgotten.

If you have anymore [donated laptops], please let me know; I would gladly find them nice homes I work with young people and families who are claiming asylum. Some are receiving home tuition and would relish the opportunity of having the use of a laptop to complete coursework and for other communicative purposes.

Were very excited about the opportunity to continue developing new partnerships. However, we wont be able to offer ongoing, sustainable donations to those vulnerable groups without new partners in the central London areas with those that release their old no longer needed but still useful items to SocialBox.Biz Laptops for homeless and vulnerable initiative. If you work with a council or another larger organisation in central London, please reach out to us through the Contact link at the top right corner of our website! We have several partnership opportunities we can discuss. Contact us today via our Contact page.

How we serve our partners

As you may know, proudly serves charity partners across the United Kingdom with the mission of spreading digital inclusion to vulnerable populations, including the homeless, older people living in isolation, young unaccompanied refugees, recent immigrants, and others who need help, such as the vulnerable individuals served by Paddington Charities. However, we dont simply provide these people with re-homes computerswe provide free classes to teach them how to use free open source software which they can use to communicate with friends, family, and potential employers; research information for their educational courses or job searches; and practice basic and advanced computer skills which are required by many jobs in the area.

How you can help as an individual or a small organisation

We work with many charity partners to offer safe drop-off spaces where you can donate your old, disused but still working technology. For example, the Central London Charing Cross library is a new drop-off location!

Charing Cross Library (please leave your items with the library manager) 4-6 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0HF

Other drop off locations:

Donate Old Unwanted, Yet Still Usable Tech To Our Initiative Via SocialBox.Biz Drop-Off Location


If you work with a company who will be updating their equipment soon, or who may wish to take advantage of our digital consulting services, please contact us through the Contact link below! All of our consulting services benefit our social impact mission.

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