Social Impact Consultancy Has Been Nominated for the Second Consecutive Year as “Technology Innovation of the Year”

A blog post update by webmaster Jenni (April 2018)

London – This week, received word that they have been nominated for the second consecutive year as the Technology Innovation of the Year Award, sponsored by an international accounting firm PWC. 

Recognising businesses that go above and beyond to contribute to surrounding communities, continues to provide technology based community interest focused social impact solutions services as well as laptop handovers and training to the marginalised members of society.

Peter Paduh, the founder of, was excited to learn of his organizations latest award nomination. Were making the world a better place, one laptop at a time, he said. We are thankful for this opportunity for our social impact technology innovation efforts for the second year in a row, and look forward to creating newer, more sustainable solutions for our local communities in the future. We simply can not think of a better way to use technology than to give it to those who need it the most. is a UK-based social impact platform whose mission is to improve their community by providing practical corporate governance and technology solutions which support digital inclusion efforts. The company offers services to corporations who want to implement long-term corporate governance policies in their general operations, as well as more efficient and secure IT solutions.

Clients of often find they are holding on to unneeded, used technology such as computers, servers, and mobile devices which can be donated to vulnerable populations, such as the homeless and refugees a service that Socialbox also offers. But doesnt stop thereonce at-risk individuals receive their laptops, the team uses innovative training programs to teach recipients how to use open source software to create resumes, practice job skills, and keep in touch with their personal communities. The team is also working on a new innovation around e-learning and delivering e-learning classes to these who need them the most and have nothing and no money. These e-learning classes will help the homeless on their way to getting their lives back on track as well as other disadvantaged groups such as those who can not afford  university courses.

According to the organisers website the award hopes to recognise businesses which go above and beyond to contribute to the UK economy and surrounding communities with their Technology Innovation of the Year Award, and we believe that continues to create and implement innovative technology based social impact solutions to the most marginalised members of society.

Mission Led Businesses

If you work for or own a company which could benefit from stronger mission-led operations and practical social impact, has launched a Mission Led Businesses component to its services. Your company’s current social impact and corporate governance language may need strengthening, or may need to consider new methods for social strategy and community outreach. has a team ready to make recommendations and work alongside you to implement practical technologybased social impact solutions.

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