Young unaccompanied refugees benefit from laptops so they can do their homework (case study)

We have received this case study from the British Red Cross Young Refugee Service team  who are receiving Socialbox laptops for their client’s digital and social inclusion (April 2018)

The client young asylum seeker from Democratic Republic of Congo  who has been attending  the RnB ( Refugees and befriending ) project at the Red Cross Young Refugee Service.

The young person was effectively destitute for a year and now still struggles with money and lives in precarious conditions .

Despite the difficult circumstances , the young person is a determined young man  and the value he places on his education is very high.   He is currently studying math entry 3, English entry 3 and IT level 1 .

He said that it was “really hard and difficult”  to complete his IT homework as he relied on computers at the library that sometimes closes in the early afternoon ( he finishes college at 5PM) . The young person would benefit to get a laptop so he can do his IT homework at home and work at his own pace. He would also improve his life and wellbeing  considerably as it would  help him feeling more relaxed to learn new skills while living in an  extremely difficult and uncertain environment

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