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A Socialbox.biz blog post update by Jenni (June 2018)

Earlier this month, we announced our new partnership with Paddington Charities, which serve local residents who lack funds to provide for their basic needs, such as clothing and housing. We have already been able to serve several of their clients, and we wanted to share some stories about how your donations of old computers are literally changing lives! (Please note, these names have been changed to protect the privacy of these beneficiaries.)

Aaron has a learning disability which is hindering his success in gaining long term employment. We were able to provide Aaron with life changing opportunities through a second hand laptop and computer skills to equip him for a more successful job search. We are also able to provide free training to use open source software such as an email system, internet browser, and document processor via our free pop up digital skills IT classroom and e-learning service for disadvantaged people.

Logan’s health has unfortunately declined to the point that he is unable to leave his home without assistance, creating difficulty when he needs to go to doctorsappointments or go shopping for basic needs such as groceries and toiletry items. The re-homed laptop we were able to give Logan allows him to stay connected with the world outside his home, as well as order the food and personal care items he needs.

Laptops for Young People in central London

Six young refugees have also been provided with laptops through the new SocialBox.biz Laptops for Homeless and Vulnerable initiative. They are grateful for the opportunity to use the laptops to improve their English language skills through online study programmes. Many of them also use the social media and communication platforms like Skype to contact their friends and loved ones who are still in their home countries overseas. These six individuals are children seeking asylum in the UK, but the Laptops for Vulnerable families serves all vulnerable populations

Were grateful to former mayor of a London borough Jan Prendergast (pictured) for her role in coordinating these donations and sharing these stories of hope with us.

While were excited to receive news that our charitable programmes are changing lives throughout the UK, we need continued support so we can keep spreading the gift of digital and social inclusion! The most significant sources of outdated and unneeded digital equipment are corporate entities who are dedicated to implementing sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility measures in their organisations. If you work for a company which does not have a sustainable, environmentally responsible plan in place for local re-homing of unneeded but still working technological equipment such as computers, laptops, servers, and mobile devices, please contact us today!

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SocialBox.biz offers social impact problem solving services to help companies incorporate sustainable practices in their regular business operations, as well as track measurable impact their organisations are having on their communities. We even provide collections of donated equipment to put these environmental social and governance (#ESG) polices into practice and to change the world for people who need it the most.

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