is a PR source for all partnering corporations

London, England –, an award winning technological social impact initiative, partners with local businesses and corporations to solve societal problems such as digital and social exclusion. The organisation not only helps its corporate partners rehome unneeded laptops to vulnerable community members, but also serves as an invaluable source of public relations exposure for these … Continue reading is a PR source for all partnering corporations


SocialBox.Biz, a socially focused London-based technology startup determined to use their expertise and knowledge for the betterment of both the homeless and elderly in accommodation services as well as unaccompanied refugee minors, had quite the year as they reflect on their coverage and accomplishments in 2016 this week. Staring down 2017, the social impact firm … Continue reading SOCIALBOX.BIZ ENDS 2016 WITH A WHOPPING 18 INTERNATIONAL PRESS MENTIONS article about laptop initiative

A blog post update by Alex (Nov 2016) Access to technology is becoming increasingly important, and SocialBox.Biz recognizes the bare necessity of having a connection to the Internet today. By using technology, they are able to redistribute older but still working technology into accepting and grateful hands… form the Huffington Post website: ### … Continue reading article about laptop initiative

Laptops for Homeless support – latest updates

Rehomed laptops are benefiting registered clients of homelessness organisations participating in the Laptops for Homeless Support Initiative who are moving into accommodation and on their way of getting their lives back on track. Those looking for a laptops need to register with one of the participating charities. SocialBox.Biz, a digital inclusion and laptop donation platform, will redistribute … Continue reading Laptops for Homeless support – latest updates

A new paradigm for computing prides itself on being the solution for corporate and community needs by providing a win-win-win solution where firms are reducing costs of storage. Moving some of their processes and data to the cloud, boosting their CSR, and having an overall positive impact on community and society through re-homing older computers and other office equipment they … Continue reading A new paradigm for computing


Practical ways to corporate social responsibility and making a positive impact on society The blog is expanding mission of being a positive example. SocialBox is encouraging its team to share positive examples from Socialbox and other companies around the world. “Not only will the blog foster creativity among our team, it’ll help branch us into … Continue reading CONSTANT POSITIVE IMPACT BLOG Launched by


(26th December 2015, London, UK) Laptop re-homing programme is to benefit socially and digitally excluded people Media Coverage of Laptop donation initiative by The Big Issue Magazine.  Please support homeless people and buy the magazine from their street vendors.

GOOD Magazine feature about Constant Positive Impact blog launch in London UK in the Media  Constant Positive Impact blog launched in London UK – Magazine feature  (November 2015)   Content