SocialBox.Biz Partners with New Charity YMCA Thames Gateway for Laptop Handovers

A SocialBox.Biz blog post update by Alex ( June 2019 )

Exciting news hit the internet this week when YMCA Thames Gateway announced their participation in SocialBox.Biz’s “Laptop for the Homeless” initiative. Working hard to transform all communities so that all young people can belong, contribute, and thrive, YMCA Thames Gateway specializes in housing, health, well-being, and children’s services, working hard to make Essex and beyond a better place.

Given that SocialBox.Biz is already working to do just that by placing unneeded laptops into the hands of the homeless, elderly, and refugees, YMCA Thames Gateway agreed to be a vehicle for handovers for those registered in their accommodation services.

As part of the partnership, SocialBox.Biz has already provided handovers of free laptops, with the YMCA tweeting that “there were a few tears as some found the generosity overwhelming.”

“This is exactly why we started this initiative,” said Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz. “We are making a tangible change in the lives of those that deserve it, providing them with a way to connect with society again. We thank YMCA Thames Gateway for considering our initiative today.”

SocialBox.Biz is getting closer to their 1000th laptop handover milestone. They are always looking for company partnerships, so spread the word.

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