SocialBox.Biz and New Horizon Youth Centre Helping Young People Break Through Challenges

A SocialBox.Biz case study update by Heather and Emma (25 June 2019)

R received a rehomed Ipad via SocialBox.Biz community interest platform which will help her complete her Level 3 in Pharmacy! Name changed and picture cropped due to safety reasons.

SocialBox.Biz recently donated an iPad tablet to New Horizon Youth Centre in Kings Cross. At New Horizon, the staff works to help young people who are homeless and at-risk by offering them support, assistance, shelter, and opportunities that they need for success. With technology, such as the laptops and tablets available through the Laptops for the Homeless initiative, young people are able to take advantage of exciting opportunities where they once had none.

One New Horizon client has started her apprenticeship work in a local pharmacy while also taking part time classes. The rehomed iPad tablet from SocialBox.Biz is helping her keep atop her studies.

R received a rehomed Ipad from SocialBox.Biz which will help her complete her Level 3 in Pharmacy! Having just completed her Level 2, she is now applying for next level apprenticeships from September. This will mean she can now apply for jobs at home and once she starts she will be able to do her portfolio on this as well! It will make a big difference to her getting and succeeding in an apprenticeship.

With opportunities like this, more and more disadvantaged people continue to reach and exceed new career and educational goals every day.

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You can get involved with your old but still useful computer technology from your office and help boost Digital Inclusion for those who need it most and can not afford any kind of computer. SociaBox.Biz can collect old but still useful mobile device, laptop, tablet, or PC, Iphone, Ipad, MacBook for donation and reuse instead of recycling…

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