The Power of Kindness – British Red Cross Case study update

A SocialBox.Biz Case Study update by Young Refugee Service team – British Red Cross ( June 2019 )

K. is an inspiring 19 years old young person from Afghanistan. He arrived 3 years ago to the UK. The young person has been through lots of traumatic events in his country and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

He is an amazingly creative and smart young person with a big heart. He often finds refuge in Arts and Music. He is a genius and talented painter, an amazing musician and got himself into film-making. He is now trying to work on a documentary for the BFI and desperately needed a computer strong enough to be able to edit his work and support filmmakers.

When he received the computer he felt really happy. This is what he said:

” Thank you so much for the computer. It looks really nice. I feel really lucky. It looks really fine and I can now carry it to college. Thank, thank you, thank you so much”


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