SocialBox.Biz : Laptops for the Homeless Initiative – Case study update from Larry

Larry recently received his very own computer through the Laptops for the Homeless Initiative, and the impact on his life has already been seen.
Many of the homeless and vulnerable people who come to partner charities that work with such as The Passage have no means of communication, education, or finding a job.

This is a common thread found among the homeless and vulnerable population, and it’s why the Laptops for the Homeless Initiative cause was created.

Larry performs various roles in stewardship for sporting events, such as Wimbledon Tennis. Now that he has a computer, he can more easily find new stewardship vacancies. In addition, he has been using his computer for healthy living research, entertainment, reading the news, and communication.

With his new computer, Larry has the world at his fingertips and a long list of exciting new opportunities.

SocialBox.Biz is honored to partner with The Passage to help their clients. The Passage is the largest voluntary resource centre in London for the homeless, helping up to 200 people each and every day.

For people like Larry, The Passage is a safe haven where resources, help, and programs like the Laptops for the Homeless Initiative are changing their lives.

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