Additional case studies from Centrepoint

Laptops for the Homeless Initiative – Anonymised Case Studies by Paul ( August 2019 )

Clients of Centrepoint in accommodation services are benefiting from rehomed laptops with open source software via SocialBox.Biz platform.

Moen: “when I received my laptop I was very very happy. I am studying English using the internet, I have lessons on Youtube and look at videos about grammar and pronunciation. Mr and my friends will study together in the evening. I also like to watch and read the news from my own country on the computer because this is important to me.”

Bilal: “thank you for the laptop, I feel proud to have my own laptop. I can keep in touch with my friends at home and practise ESOL after college”. Thanks for making me feel connected.

Ali: “I love it! I use it every day. This pushes me to do my best and learn as much as possible here. I can get more news about my country Sudan too. Thank you to everyone

Tahir: ‘T is a very humble individual who doesn’t like to ask for much.
He has learnt to be resourceful and depend on himself. T has a basic mobile phone whereby he can make and receive phone calls however he is an avid fan of learning new words and meaning, often asking questions and discussing documentaries of interest. The young people’s computer at his hostel isn’t always available and due to his religion he prefers to have privacy. T has a lot of achievements both in college and personal accomplishments, T having a laptop brings him even closer to the real world whereby he can educate himself through google and watching you tube videos. T continues to demonstrate a desire to learn and further his
education, this laptop represents a lot to him and he remains grateful that he is able to explore further with an opportunity to achieve this.’

Fidel: ‘’FB is currently studying ESOL at Entry Level 2 in a London college. When he arrived the UK in early 2019 he could not communicate much in English, but as he started studying he was keen to improve on his English, writing and spelling. FB says education for him is important and said a lap top will help him to improve his English, reading and writing better. He was pleased to receive the laptop and said he will treasure it as this will be his ticket to better things for his future’’

Moheen: ‘’ ‘My laptop is good for music and watching dancing on YouTube. I love music from my home country and also English pop music. I’d like to be a dancer. I also use it to help my English’.

Dalit: ‘’ ‘It’s good! I use it for everything and anything. I have to just moved to another house, so I like to keep in touch with my friends online and I like to watch movies on it in the evening. At the moment we do not have college so I use it for English practice on youtube. I really like it so thank you.’

Samael: ‘’ Its first time, I have personnel lap top and help me to have my privacy and to improve my web search skills, to connect with friends & class mate and to improve my spelling. To watch and listen to video music from back home.

Kilios: ‘’ I can’t express how difference that make to have privacy and used at any time, without need to share or come down to communal area to used computer,  and better access  to my Email then my phone. Easy to submit my homework on line. I can’t thank you enough, as lap top make big difference day to day social life. ‘’

Jacob: ‘’ Its very useful and come at the right time to have privacy and to connect with friends and class mate, easy to use you tube and search local events, and to check my benefits claim on line. ( HB, DWP UC) on line.’’

Salim: ‘’ Its help me to connect and used you tube video to my next academic year, and to have my privacy and improve my IT skills on line.’’
‘’Telal: ‘’Before I had my computer I only used my phone which was really small. I watch English films and study online to help me learn before college starts in September’’

Amjid: ‘’Since getting my laptop this has helped me do my homework from college and send my work to my tutor. I have Duolingo on my laptop that teaches me English at home. I watch videos and can catch up with news of what’s happening back home. I don’t like using the computers in front of
everyone in the lounge so now I can learn on my own and be happy. I want to write home and can do this via email to friends who speak to my family. If I didn’t have my laptop I would be very behind in my work and be upset that I cannot learn like my friends. Now I am happy with my laptop and use
this every day.’’

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