Importance of ongoing participation in the re-use of old tech locally highlighted by SocialBox.Biz

A Website Post by Heather 4 April 2021

SocialBox.Biz Makes Forward Advance in Digital Inclusion Manifesto with ongoing participation from partners

With rampant digital exclusion ravaging the globe due to the pandemic, SocialBox.Biz is trying to do their part to make a change with their long-standing Laptops for Homeless and Elderly Initiative that helps organisations meet their sustainability goals and civic duties.

SocialBox.Biz recently also launched an exciting new idea: the Digital Inclusion Manifesto. The three main goals of the manifesto remain to eradicate digital poverty in the UK by 2030; reducing unneeded yet usable tech being scrapped by organisations; and to revise procurement policies in the UK relating to old tech. So far, the manifesto is already making a palpable impact locally.

The CBI partnered with SocialBox.Biz on an ongoing basis to make a very special delivery. This delivery brought upcycled laptops to the C4WS Homeless Projects in Camden, London. All of these laptops were upgraded by SocialBox.Biz to include open source software for helping homeless people engage in career and education opportunities.

The Mayor of London has pledged hundreds of laptops and computers to help the vulnerable stay connected. This partnership with the Greater London Authority (GLA) has seen tech distributed to charities who are working with London’s elderly, homeless, and refugees. GLA confirmed this month their participation in another upcoming contribution of old yet still usable laptops and other tech.

Another example is a long-standing partnerships with the workspace provider Regus that includes the drop off of old but still useful tech in their buildings as part of the SocialBox.Biz community interest initiative.

COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light and amplified digital exclusion in some populations. In particular, the elderly, homeless, and refugees are prone to the impacts of digital exclusion. Peter Paduh, founder of SocialBox.Biz, came to London as a child refugee himself, and he understands the unique challenges of the circumstance. His goal is to help those in need connect with the world around them – including jobs and education – by way of tech.

Tech is procured from organisations that no longer need then wiped clean and loaded with open source software. This act helps reduce an organisation’s Scope 3 emissions while also being a charitable contribution aimed at helping promote digital inclusion.

Now SocialBox.Biz is looking for more partners who are interested in working towards the goals outlined in the Digital Inclusion Manifesto.

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