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A SocialBox.Biz podcast of BBC interview recording from 11 March 2021.
If you’re a company, or a larger organisation we need your old laptops and other no longer needed tech now for our long-standing initiative. The pandemic has shone a light on digital poverty and we have a manifesto, which includes eradicating digital poverty by 2030. 
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Although the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to impact people all over the world, SocialBox.Biz has been able to help even more people in need during this time via the Laptops for Homeless Initiative. This cause has been gaining steady traction since its launch, and since the pandemic began, we’ve only been able to help more people. Our team extends a sincere debt of gratitude to our amazing partners, who have made this initiative a success by collecting and donating used tech to the disadvantaged in our community.

Our team has worked diligently to use the pandemic as a major wake up call. In one recent article, we were highlighted for our initiative. “It’s taken a global pandemic to show what can happen when we don’t address the digital gap. Fortunately businesses are stepping up to help bridge it, through organisations such as SocialBox.Biz,” says the article. You can read the full text at

Another article took a closer look at how digital exclusion had an impact on SocialBox.Biz founder Peter Paduh and what the organisation is doing to stop this trend. You can see the article at

SocialBox.Biz and the founder were named by the Independent newspaper in the Happy List 2021, a hero innovators and change makers in 2021 spreading happiness during this challenging time. You can read about this here:

We’ve also gained massive traction in speaking with BBC Surrey about the contribution from the University of Surrey and engaging additional organisations and working with them on reaching civic obligations, reducing Scope 3 emissions, and helping those in need via the Laptops for Homeless Initiative.

We were also invited as guest speakers at a conference organised by another UK University:

SocialBox.Biz were also featured in a recent article from the Evening Standard:

We are continuing to forge ahead in creating new partnerships and taking our initiative to the next level. Our milestone of donating thousands of laptops is on the horizon, and with your help, we can help thousands of people by closing the gap on digital exclusion.

It’s through this initiative that SocialBox.Biz has touched hundreds of lives and aims to touch thousands. The program, which accepts old no longer needed yet still working tech, to help the disadvantaged. When people receive a laptop, they can then communicate with loved ones, find jobs, and fulfill their education. Digital exclusion wreaks havoc on the lives of those it touches, and we hope to one day see digital exclusion genuinely become a thing of the past.

Until then, people like you can come aboard the Laptops for Homeless Initiative and start making a difference now.

Some recent case studies below:


Kathleen is the caregiver for her 40 year old son, and when the pandemic began, she found herself unable to acquire groceries or participate in Centre 404’s weekly activities and workshops. After receiving a laptop from SocialBox.Biz, Kathleen has learned to use the technology for getting groceries, making appointments, watching the news, and enjoy entertainment. Because she has a laptop on her side, Kathleen can enjoy contact with the outside world – even during the pandemic.


Lisa is a single mother to a nine year old son. Six years ago, she found Centre 404 when she was looking for support with her carer role. The pandemic forced her to begin working at home, but Lisa didn’t have a laptop. She couldn’t afford one, especially with hours being reduced at work. She began using her phone for work, and the hours and hours of doing work this way took its toll. Lisa received a refurbished laptop via Centre 404 and SocialBox.Biz. Now, she can work more comfortably, attend Centre404 online workshops and activities, and more. According to Lisa, she’s less anxious and more productive now.


Cleo, age 67, found Centre 404 a few years ago. Recently, she lost her daughter, and the pandemic furthered her isolation. She spent Christmas alone, hoping the

restrictions would ease. She’d never owned a laptop, nor did she know how to use one. Two months ago, however, she received her first laptop. She’s still learning how to use it, but according to Cleo, “I cannot wait to learn how to use Zoom. I am very grateful for the laptop; it is the best incentive to learn how to use one.”


Eevlyn is a single mother and the sole carer of her 22 year old son. She found Centre 404 when she was feeling overwhelmed by her role, and when her old laptop stopped working, volunteering was made very difficult. During the pandemic, Centre 404 moved all their workshops and activities online, making Eevlyn’s struggles amplified. Because of the laptop Eevlyn received, she can work from home, access Centre 404 activities, and more. Her son can also join his online classes with ease. Thanks to the laptop Eevlyn received from SocialBox.Biz, she and her son both can enjoy various opportunities from the convenience of home.

SocialBox.Biz is inviting additional organizations to release their old tech to this life-changing program.


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