A SocialBox.Biz post by Heather April 29 2021 ( Updated June 17 2021 )

April 2021 brought a busy end to the first quarter for essentially every industry, meanwhile, vulnerable populations continue to suffer in the digital divide. Without laptops in hand, homeless people, aging populations on small pensions, refugees, and asylum seekers struggle to communicate, find educational opportunities, and secure jobs. The SocialBox.Biz Laptops for Homeless and Disadvantaged Initiative and its partners have continued to break ground in the mission of transforming old and outdated tech into measurable social impact.

According to Age UK, 51% of digitally excluded people are over the age of 65, while refugees and the homeless also face worrying levels of digital exclusion. According to homeless charity C4WS, 90% of those in shelter don’t have access to IT devices.

We so often reach out to organisations who let us know they don’t have anything to donate just yet, but they are willing to help by letting their followers know. In one recent case, the Finance UK and The Investment Association did so. They promoted the Laptops for Homeless, Refugees and Older People in Isolation Initiative from SocialBox.Biz Community Interest Company to their members and their Twitter followers, in a move that’s sure to drum up recognition and engagement for the cause.

Update on sustainability issues


Promoting our orgnisation’s work on twitter feed to members and other followers

The LGA is making councils aware of our initiative via twice weekly email bulletins sent to council leaders and chief executives

Key issues newsletter below

London Councils recently featured the cause in their weekly update of London local governmental issues in their March 17 publication. Additionally, the Local Government Association is making councils aware of the initiative via twice weekly email bulletins sent to council leaders and chief executives.

Local Government Association — below is the text placed in their bulletins about our initiative on Friday 23 April.  The bulletins are sent to all Leaders and Chief Executives of councils. 

Digital inclusion   

“Homeless communities face an array of challenges and are particularly vulnerable to issues of economic disadvantage, health inequality and civic exclusion. A number of organisations have been working to address these issues, including community interest organisation SocialBox.Biz. It has been in touch about its ongoing work with charities to get free laptops and tablets to older people, refugees and homeless people through its Laptops for Homeless, Refugees and Older People in Isolation initiative …” 

While we always welcome ongoing participation in our initiative and donations, we are also grateful to the promotion offered by such partners. This allows us to further advance our message to those who can help. Many unknowing organisations choose to recycle their old tech, but we want people to know this isn’t the best option. Instead, donating to an established cause is a great strategy for increasing ESG while making a community impact. Not everything needs recycling, many items being replaced are still usable and can still be useful for our our initiative. Please Contact SocialBox.Biz Today !

Investment companies, councils, universities and others are invited to donate their old laptops and other still usable tech on an ongoing basis. Other non usable items can still be recycled in the normal way so excising recycling is not affected instead sustainability is being maximized. ESG is becoming of even more importance for equity funds and banks and other financial companies. To reassure these finance providers that they are making sustainable investments; the Laptops for Homeless Initiative from SocialBox.Biz Community Interest Company is a practical way to build your ESG profile, whilst ongoing participation maintains ESG.

We invite companies, councils, universities, and more to participate in our mission by donating old but still usable laptops and other tech on an ongoing basis.

Whether you are interested in participating or promoting, we welcome and encourage your contribution in making a major local impact. When you join the SocialBox.Biz Laptops for Homeless Initiative, you are helping to close the digital divide while also reducing Scope 3 emissions and comply with the upcoming Climate Change Act. Connect with us today to learn more! Connect with us today to learn more!

When it comes to sustaining your ESG profile, there is no better way than to remain consistent and meet and maintain ESG targets and goals. If you are participating in the Laptops for Homeless Initiative from SocialBox.Biz on an ongoing basis, or if you are considering joining a long-term partnership that would benefit your ESG profile, then keep in mind that the Laptops for Homeless, refugees and older people in isolation Initiative is a wonderful way to achieve your goals. The key, however, is to remain consistent.

Not all items need to go for recycling, usable items can be still used locally via SocialBox.Biz initiative for homeless youth, older people in isolation and refugee children. This is real practical ESG and going over and beyond as evidenced by our initiative being included in annual reports and ESG reports by major PLCs.

ESG is emphasized by equity funds, banks, and other financial companies, and the Laptops for Homeless Initiative provides a practical way  to build and maintain ESG profiles to help your organisation access financing, attract clients, customers, students, win awards, meet sustainability targets…now and in the future.

Summer 2021 Update

SocialBox.Biz Laptops for homeless people, refugees and older people in isolation -update

British Property Federation –  We’d be happy to raise awareness of SocialBox’s work amongst our membership through our weekly newsletter which goes to thousands of individuals in our member companies.

National Housing Federation – Many thanks for bringing this valuable scheme to the attention of the National Housing Federation. The Communications team at the NHF have confirmed that they will include this information in our next newsletter for members, to raise awareness of the scheme and encourage them to donate any unwanted equipment that could be reused.

Thank you so much for your support !

The team at SocialBox.Biz Community Interest Company – Laptops for homeless people, refugees and older people in isolation

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