Donating locally – an update from SocialBox.Biz

21 February 2020 | SocialBox.Biz Post by Heather

At SocialBox.Biz, there are some common themes. For instance, we see that donating locally benefits the community. In addition, we find that donating locally reduces Scope 3 Emissions and boosts ESG, all while helping to increase share price of companies who donate.

For example, Sumitomo Corporation Europe donated more than 100 laptops to the Laptops for Homeless Initiative this month. A recent article showed that the “somewhat positive coverage” received from this story are quite likely to lead to a rise in Sumitomo’s stock price.

A study from McGill University in Montreal supports this, finding that a Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR) combined with positive marketing messages can lead to a 3.5% increase in stock returns.

While it’s true that donating locally can be beneficial to a company’s bottom line, we also see the important of reducing emissions with local donations. Engaged Tracking (ET) who publish detailed Scope 3 environmental emissions statistics wrote how donating locally can help to reduce environmental emissions. Press Release:

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