Why donating laptop computers helps people, the planet, and the economy

By: Alex (freelance writer)

computer recycling london

Computer recycling helps people, the planet, and the economy in London and United Kingdom

Consumer’s craving for the next newest technological gadget continues to increase today. The creative demand on Apple for releasing the newest iPhone with the lightest weight, and the prettiest colour, is mounting. Better models of computers are created as soon as one year from the release of its previous counterpart. With all this booming technological production, a lot of old kit is stacking up.

That logically leads us to the next step: recycle it. Recycling your computers keeps toxic waste out of landfills, spares the environment from even more resource collection, and provides marginalized community members with a gateway to the cyber world.

Many times, people are ready to throw out a perfectly good laptop because it is not as lightweight and shiny as the newest model. That’s where social business venture, SocialBox.Biz, comes into play. IT recycling experts with a “Laptops for Homeless Initiative” just launched , SocialBox.Biz wants to take your redundant routers, servers, business computers, IT hardware and more, and give some useful items to the homeless members of your community.

What SocialBox.Biz is doing is creating a whole new job sector by developing additional recycling infrastructure with which jobs will be created for surrounding communities. Additionally, by re-homing the IT components to the homeless, they are giving them an opportunity to view job postings and draft a resume and re-connect with friends and family. Without a computer in today’s world, you are simply irrelevant.

Instead of holding onto old laptops, servers, routers, etc, consider donating them to SocialBox.Biz. By doing so, you are giving the homeless a chance to enter the workforce, preventing the environment from being damaged, and contributing to the development of new jobs.

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