London-based and socially focused is changing what we think ‘profiting’ means in the business world. Provision of re-homed laptop computers and Internet access for disenfranchised members of society is one way is setting profits aside to ensure disadvantaged individuals are given a chance to engage in the economy.

Over the past decade, our team have proven that socially responsible and environmentally friendly enterprises can have a successful and sustainable business model,” said Sam, chief bloger at “We are now continuing with that with even more impact. What we are doing here is so important. We are giving people with unimaginable lives the chance to share their ideas and visions with the rest of the world. It’s no secret our society has entered the cyber age. Without a computer, you’re simply irrelevant.” ”Still we have right here in London and UK thousands of people without access to this vital resource living in social and digital exclusion”

SocialBox.Biz is headed by the team responsible for winning several awards for their impactful work including positive impact on the society Award, Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award and the Special Commendation for Innovations to name a few. Their business motto is to handle everything safely, securely and environmentally friendly.

“I want people to read this and want to share with their family and friends what we are doing here,” Sam added. “If we can get more businesses to switch to a socially focused business model, the impacts for society would be incredibly far reaching. I encourage anyone interested to contribute to our laptops for homeless support and help many disadvantaged people get their lives back on track .” is constantly researching new methods making positive social impact. For more information, visit their website at:

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