Some facts and figures about old technology in London and United Kingdom


Most of the time these days computer equipment purchased is treated as out of date after three to five years. On average, most people have two to three obsolete computers in their garages or in storage spaces.

Some of the studies estimated that the number of obsolete computers in the United Kingdom is growing. Many of the corporations and the small businesses have some old computers that are lying around or in their store rooms just waiting for a new home or a better disposal method.

These older computers can still be useful. They may have hard disks with some less storage space or slower processing speed but this is generally still enough to perform simple tasks for several more years.  Old computers can be useful in many ways.

The computer technology is improving day by day there is number of growing obsolete computers in the world. Formerly when some electronic device needed repairing or upgrading, it would have been be taken to a repair shop or dealt with by company technicians. Nowadays they are often just replaced.

Computer re-using and recycling, involves the process to re-use the whole appliance or recover some parts from these items and safely disposing the rest using an approved method.

In partnership with approved partners Socialbox can arrange donation, re-use, resale, refurbishment or specialist recycling for a fee or at no cost depending upon the age and quantity computers and arrange for computers to be recycled, reused or donated on behalf of clients.

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Article by Jennifer (freelance writer)

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