Solving Social Exclusion Through Digital Inclusion

Computer recyclingAccording to the Office for National Statistics, in 2014, some 11%, that’s 5.9 million people in the UK had never used a computer. A quite appalling statistic especially as those people are at a disadvantage. They cannot connect cheaply with friends and family nor make full use of social media. They access cheaper goods and services on-line. They cannot access jobs. This last point is very salient. Many of those that have never used a computer are those from low income households or, having no household at all. So what can be done ?. is a social enterprise that as a part of its digital inclusion initiative collects donations of disused but still working laptop computers in order to support charities working with disadvantaged groups in order to provide their beneficiaries with computers. They work with charities in the areas of homelessness, young refugees and the elderly.

So how can you get involved. If you run a business or any other organisation, you can instruct your IT department to send your disused laptops to You can also participate in an employee donation programme so that your staff can also be engaged and can bring in their old laptops, games consoles and mobile phones. also has a number of public drop off points so that anyone can be assured that their old equipment is being put to good use.


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