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Laptops for the homeless, refugees, and older people in isolation update from our October 2021 newsletter – Change starts at the top.

Recent events and the ever-changing online services have made it clear that getting laptops and computers into the hands of disadvantaged people has never been more important. A laptop and a connection to the internet can change the lives of people living in low-income and isolated environments.

We want to again take this opportunity to thank all of those who are already participating on an ongoing basis in our ongoing initiatives. We have helped people all over the UK and our next goal is to collect thousands of items to help thousands of additional people who can’t afford a computer. We depend on ongoing participation from your companies and organisations releasing their old no longer needed but usable tech to our initiative to meet ongoing goals.

The latest media coverage and our interview with The Times

As you know, the world is changing faster than ever before and policy makers struggle to keep up. But keep up they must. We are doing everything we can through our initiatives to help this cause. Our long-standing mission is to computerize those who are unable to afford computers by upgrading the computers and technology that is no longer being used by companies and organizations.

Our goal is to reach additional businesses and the public sector as well. There are thousands of computers in the public sector that are no longer being used. By upgrading these computers, we can not only reduce the energy footprint that recycling creates, but put these computers into the hands of those that need them most. We are looking for additional organisations, colleges and universities to think about the no longer needed but still usable technology and help us reach our goal of getting these to those most in need in the UK.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. Please help us and share this message with your supplier and partners and colleagues.

Businesses have been actively releasing old but still usable tech and promoting our initiative to the business community, and via our long-standing initiative items have gone to provide assistance for people living in homeless shelters, low-income senior housing, and other working with disadvantaged local people especially during this challenging times.

There are also thousands of computers others sectors that are no longer being used, we can help get those computers into the hands of the thousands of people across the UK who would greatly benefit from the technology. We encourage all organisations to reach our to our team and consider participating in our initiative on an ongoing basis with their old but still usable items on an ongoing basis. Other items can still be recycled in the normal way so there is no need to change existing contracts that you have in place. Please call us before you call the scrap companies to help those in need and boost your sustainability efforts at the same time.

One donated laptop can go a long way. That’s why we are working to partner with corporations,  institutions, and groups that are willing to release their old unneeded but still usable tech to us. Our team at SocialBox.Biz wipes it clean, upgrades it with open source software, re-homing suitable items. We need your help – SocialBox.Biz Laptops for the Homeless, Refugees and Older people Initiative has overseen the reuse and donation of thousands of tech items including laptops to date in London and across the UK. We hope you find inspiration in what we have been doing for years and the countless case studies on our website. If you or someone at your team is able to work with us on sourcing old but still usable items, please reach out today.

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