Individuals can now help with digital inclusion through some of our charity partners

DonationsofworkinglaptopsWe are often asked by members of the public whether we can collect their items as well for our charitable digital inclusion initiative.  Unfortunately the costs of doing so often prevents us. However, we do  have a number of partners that have kindly provided collection points for us for working but disused donations of of laptops, game consoles and mobile phones .

Please ensure that laptops, mobile phones and games consoles are labelled ‘SocialBox’ and placed into our SocialBox that you will find with our charity partner. Please remove any data as any files will not recoverable later.

Please click on link below to proceed


2 responses to “Individuals can now help with digital inclusion through some of our charity partners”

  1. McG says:

    Thank you for organising this.

  2. McG says:

    While we consider ourselves honoured to be at the forefront of this revolution by delivering computer technology to the masses, so many people still do not have access to technology. The most recent statistics reveal that many in the UK do not have access to computers and especially amongst the disadvantaged groups.

    Technology allows you to break down long distance barriers, gives you access to an endless bank of knowledge, it can simplify the most complex tasks and it facilitates a better quality of life, simply put technology is changing the world but we still have so much more to do.

    This is why this website and the initiatives promoted on it is an excellent resources

    Donating laptops to disadvantaged communities in London is a great way to make a difference today.

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