5 step guide to cost neutral laptop re-homing service with SocialBox.Biz

The simplest laptop re-homing donations can be achieved by using SocialBox.Biz for your next office IT equipment and business laptops  removal or storage needs. Dedicated to making the entire process easy and efficient SocialBox.Biz is providing incredible incentives to utilise their services for benefiting people, communities, and your overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Here’s how to get started with the easy IT removal process, courtesy of SocialBox.Biz:

Contact SocialBox.Biz

SocialBox.Biz can come collect your no longer needed but still working and useful office equipment and re-home to those who need it most. All you have to do is contact them on-line or give them a call!  Since SocialBox.Biz is based out of London, no part of the UK is too far for them to service.

Schedule an equipment collection day

Tell them what day works for you and they’ll be there to collect all your corporate computers, hardware, and excess office equipment.

SocialBox.Biz can also arrange recycling via its specialist authorised partners and clear all remove sensitive data from services right at your company location. Let them know what equipment you would like wiped clean, and allow them to take care and often providing their minimum criteria is met the solution of cost neutral !

Tell them about your favourite charities

Once your equipment is ready to go, tell SocialBox.Biz what charities you’d like the electronics to go to. Their #1 mission goal is to better communities with re-homed and refurbished computers.

Your CSR will fly through the roof

After working with SocialBox.Biz, your Corporate Social Responsibility, through donations of laptops, sparing the environment of its harmful breakdown, and charity coordination, will be off the charts. Surrounding neighbourhoods and communities will take note and choose to support your business in the future.



It’s just that easy! All you have to do is pick up the phone or work with them on their website. Don’t wait another minute to partake in a mutually beneficial partnership for your business and the community.


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