laptop_recycling_benefitsBy: Alex (Freelance Writer)

Reusing or re-homing of anything, whether it’s clothes, shoes or computers benefits all parties involved. Something as simple as re-homing a laptop can have incredibly far reaching benefits. So, when I discovered, I realized how meaningful their business operation was for society.

The re-homing of one laptop can have a ripple effect throughout a community. A computer with Internet access is a portal into our global economy today. is pursuing a profound development in engaging individuals economically who would have otherwise been shut out by insurmountable barriers of entry. Their plan is to help refugees and otherwise disadvantaged individuals with the ability to share their ideas and visions with the rest of society., a ground-breaking social impact venture, is a community interest company solving Environmental Social Governance ( ESG ) for its clients. Based in London, they are doing what should have been done years ago: giving disenfranchised members of a society a chance to make a name for themselves. They believe that by joining forces with corporate and business sectors they can solve many societal problems.

Computers are the center of our world today. Without a computer and Internet access, you’re basically living under a rock, with no chance to climb the economic ladder. By opening that door for these people, they are not only bettering themselves, but also the economy at the local, national, and international level.

More companies should follow’s example and set aside their profit-driven mindset for the bettering of society of a whole.

For more information on disused laptop computer re-homing for homeless support in London and UK click below:


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  1. Samantha says:

    I was just looking at your laptop donation London blog. Putting laptops to good use use where they are most needed is a good topic and more firms need to participate in this and build their Environmental Social Governance – ESG.

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