SocialBox.Biz Looks Forward to Reconnecting People By Recruiting Additional Business Partners in 2022 and Beyond…

A SocialBox.Biz blog post update by Alex, February 2022 ( with case studies how reused computers from our great business partners are helping reconnect people and share kindness )

Reusing no longer need but still usable electronics is even better than recycling. Give new life to older electronics and share the gift of connectivity with those that need it most. Review our case studies to learn even more.

SocialBox.Biz is looking forward to ramping up our donation efforts while rebuilding communities and paving the way for society to stay connected. Now that previous restrictions are no longer in place, and offices can open again, the goal is to get more incredible business heroes to work with us on an ongoing basis on our quest to help the disadvantaged stay in touch with their loved ones.

The Importance of Technology During the Pandemic

Over the past two years, we’ve all learned the significance of having access to the internet via any computer. Unfortunately, due to the many restrictions throughout the UK during the height of the pandemic, getting together and spending time with those who mean the most to us was a challenge. It left most to rely heavily on online chat, video streaming software, and the internet, in general, to stay in touch with loved ones.

With many not having access to computer technology to message people or complete video chats to see the smiling faces of family and friends, we know how difficult it can be not to have access to something that everyone should be able to use. It’s the reason why we’re taking the initiative to get more wonderful businesses on board to and re-use and donate more technology than ever before.

Now that we know how important it is to have technology available to stay in touch, we hope to unite people with love and kindness while collecting donations for the disadvantaged within different communities throughout the UK. We know that these contributions will help those living on fixed or limited incomes.

Making a Difference With Our Laptops for the Homeless and Disadvantaged Initiative

We’ve embarked on a new journey where we’re recruiting  additional business heroes to help us reach some outstanding goals. First, we’d like to give back better than ever by collecting and providing the disadvantaged with technology that offers them computer access to stay connected and access vital services. If at least additional 100 large businesses  join forces with us, on an-ongoing basis together, we can collectively help additional hundreds of those in need of tech-related items, such as laptops, computers, and tablets, while putting a stop to digital poverty.

Not only will these contributions allow us to collect more than we have in previous months and years, but they will also get us one step closer to accomplishing our primary goal towards ending digital poverty by 2030. We truly believe that keeping up with our initiative over the next few years can put digital poverty in the past while leaving everyone with access to the technology they need and most importantly giving people who have nothing hope and helping homeless and disadvantaged people get back on their feet.

How to Help Us Make a Difference

Now that you know more about SocialBox.Biz and what we’re striving to do, we hope you participate and partner with us on this journey. You can re-use via our initiative on an ongoing basis your old not needed but still usable technology, such as computers, tablets, and phones, that we can be upgraded with open soruce software and provide to disadvantaged community members to help them stay connected. Your participation can change many lives while allowing us to make such a difference.

These are some of the recent case studies below…

The Passage – Hotel School


Pamela was referred to Hotel School by an organisation supporting single mothers seeking asylum in the UK. After completing our programme in July 2021, Pamela received employment offers but was unable to accept these as she suffers from a health condition preventing her from doing certain activities and she was also in the high-risk group during c19. Being extra cautious and staying at home left Pamela and her 4-year-old daughter feeling very isolated. Pamela was also awaiting a decision regarding her visa and securing stable accommodation. To stay in communication with her solicitor and the council, she needed a laptop but did not have the financial means to buy one. When we were able to provide Pamela with a SocialBox.Biz laptop, she could not believe her luck. It has helped her to communicate with the relevant organisations and stay connected with Hotel School, family, and friends. Pamela has also started to search and apply for future employment and training opportunities by using the laptop. She says it completely changed her life having access to it.

Real Change GuildfordHome Group Charity

Laptop case study 


AQ had previously been in and out of different jobs, mainly building jobs since a teenager. AQ had come to conclusion that he had no real security in these types of jobs because he had no qualifications to fall back on. He wanted to enrol in to some course and also look in to getting his CSCS card which also required a course and revision for the exam. He was in need of help with accessing these courses but also equipment to be able to complete them. Thanks to the donation to home group of a reused donated laptop we were able to give one to AQ which was very excitedly accepted and very much appreciated. Now he can get started on his goal of furthering his education and training. He also used the laptop to bid on a property with the local council and was successful, he now looks to start his independent life in 2022  – one of the first things he did was arrange wi-fi for his new lap-top!


DF had found that the changeover from paper to online had left him struggling to be able to manage with just a phone and relying on the availability of computers at the local library had become very stressful. We were able to source DF a donated refurbished laptop for his use. This has helped him massively he can now manage his online requirements with ease. Now DF has managed to get everything in order he is looking into returning to work the laptop has made this a lot easier for him to do. He has completed a new up to date CV and is ready to start applying. He has also made contact with his family in America and is using social media to track down family he has not been in touch with for over twenty years.


C4WS Homeless Project –

Laptop case study update March 2022


He is in his mid-twenties and we started helping him 3 years ago when he was an asylum-seeker and over the years we supported him into housing, and he got his refugee status. As now he has right to work, he started working as a dumper driver in the construction sector. We gave him a laptop to help with upgrading his skills and job search.

C4WS Laptop handover picture

SocialBox.Biz is a Community Interest company that delivered many batches of laptops during this difficult lock-down time to our partners who are working with homeless people moving to permanent accommodation, refugees integrating into the British society, older people on low income who can not afford computers and others and this is something that we have been doing for many years. The laptops are used for a variety of things such as communication with family members, obtaining education, and securing employment.

One donated laptop can go a long way. That’s why we are working to partner with corporations,  institutions, and groups that are willing to release their old unneeded but still usable tech to us. Our team at SocialBox.Biz wipes it clean, upgrades it with open source software, re-homing suitable items. We need your help – SocialBox.Biz Laptops for the Homeless, Refugees and Older people Initiative has overseen the reuse and donation of thousands of tech items including laptops to date in London and across the UK. We hope you find inspiration in what we have been doing for years and the countless case studies on our website. If you or someone at your team is able to work with us on sourcing old but still usable items, please reach out today.

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