A SocialBox.Biz post – January 25, 2023

SocialBox.Biz is aiming to build on the success of 2022 with a new call to businesses to help tackle computer exclusion amongst the most vulnerable in society.

Last year, the organisation was able to support a number of charities in their work with the elderly, the homeless and refugees, all of whom are more likely to be without access to technology, such as laptops. SocialBox.Biz founder Peter Paduh, who relied on a donated old laptop computer to integrate into society when he arrived as a refugee in the 1990s, is calling on more businesses to help support their mission of eradicating digital exclusion in the UK.

“The greatest measure of success at SocialBox.Biz is to see the impact we’ve made on individuals who have received a donation through one of our charity partners. Thanks to the generosity of the business community last year, we have helped more people get back on their feet than ever imaginable,” says Peter.

Some of the organisations who have benefited from the SocialBox.Biz programme include homeless shelter and charity Your Place.

“This new laptop is so valuable to me as I now can book my appointments online by myself. Not only does make my life so much easier, it will be key for me when I move out of here,” said Dulce who was provided a free laptop in 2022 via Your Place.

Another charity who has benefited from the programme is The Passage.

One of its clients Eduardo was made homeless after a series of events including the breakdown of a long-term relationship, substance abuse, and losing his job. Thanks to a laptop he received via SocialBox.Biz, Eduardo has found part-time work and enrolled in online Math and English courses with the ambition of becoming a mental health nurse.

Sam, who is also a client at The Passage, was homeless for three years and was haunted by past trauma. Sam wanted to start over and applied for IGCSE Maths, ICT, and Human Biology. “The Biology part is online, so I will use the laptop to study,” said Sam.

The social enterprise has also been partnering with Migrant Help, a charity supporting Refugees, people seeking asylum and survivors of human trafficking.

One of its clients, a survivor of domestic violence, wanted to pursue a ESOL (English

for Speakers of Other Languages) qualification to support his higher education and career goals. Although he was enrolled in college, he was unable to study outside of class because he didn’t have a laptop. SocialBox.Biz provided him with a laptop, and now, he is able to study for his course outside of class.

The donation has improved his confidence and helped him apply for jobs. “The laptop has been really helpful as I can learn to practise my English,” he said.

Other recipients of the SocialBox.Biz programme in 2022 includes RugbyWorks, which was set up by former England rugby union captain. Its Youth Voice Ambassadors will use the laptops to coach young people to create content such as films, blogs, and podcasts for online streaming.

“Young people in the UK are increasingly feeling more disconnected from their communities, with a decrease in those agreeing that they felt a sense of belonging to their neighbourhood,” said a spokesperson for RugbyWorks. “Our ethos is to improve the life chances and raise the aspirations of disadvantaged young people.”

Become a Business Hero with SocialBox.Biz in 2023

Working with SocialBox.Biz solves the problem of no longer needed items from offices and keeps old technology in use, giving it a new life and helping others. SocialBox.Biz wipes clean laptops and loads them with open source software before donating them to local charities who work with people in need. Many items are still usable and SocialBox.Biz offers a free consultation to assist with deciding what items can be still used.

If you would like to be a part of our mission, contact us today to schedule your laptop donation, or no longer needed but still usable technology.


SocialBox.Biz is a community interest company (CIC) improving the local community by providing innovative tech solutions.

SocialBox.Biz launched in 2014 to take unused and outdated laptops and other no longer needed but still usable technology from businesses, organisations, and other agencies and wipe them clean before upgrading and donating them to those in need. Today, the company is working towards larger donation milestones. In order to ensure all reused laptops are used to their fullest, SocialBox.Biz works with accommodation services and charities that monitor usage of the electronics.

A recent article: A Stepping Stone Into Society, published in the Local Government Association Magazine says:

‘’Importantly, this does not affect recycling contracts as items can still be sent for recycling that needed recycling and still usable items donated to our initiative once we’ve removed any usable items. Upcycling, by reusing and donating to those who cannot afford a computer, is a far more environmentally friendly solution than selling old computers for recycling to scrap companies. Giving someone a free laptop may not seem like much, but for many people it gives them hope and is an important stepping stone into society.’’

The team at SocialBox.Biz has also announced a new partnership with Migrant Help, a charity that supports people affected by displacement and exploitation. Repurposed laptops help those affected by trauma to receive vital services while utilising online learning and communication.

Mandy Lloyd, Head of Income & Partnerships at Migrant Help, said:

“We are so grateful for the work done by SocialBox.Biz and that they have chosen us as a partner to support. Their donations of vital tech equipment make a significant, often life-changing impact for our clients, providing crucial access to resources, learning and information that otherwise would simply not be accessible to them. It is a real pleasure to collaborate with such a generous and forward-thinking organisation.”


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