​Reusing, Recycling or Upcycling for old laptops and computers – that is the question !

London, United Kingdom (January 19, 2016) – SocialBox.biz has been entering the New Year in full swing helping business solve various businesses problems whilst having a positive impact on society. The newest post discusses the concept of reusing and recycling IT equipment to benefit corporations and the community at the same time.

The post not only answers the bigger question of how to minimize waste, it gives suggestions and points of reference on what to do with extra components. The blog post entitled “Reuse v Recycle for Corporate IT Equipment” is a call to action for corporations and individuals to understand the difference of the concepts and take that knowledge to prevent landfill clutter and waste of resources.

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Simon Paul, Director of Community initiatives at Socialbox.biz commented “Many firm have store rooms full of old computers and this can be costly in terms of their office rents which are getting out of control especially in London. Reusing and recycling computers effectively helps keep the harmful materials from damaging the environment and can even have a positive impact on our society.”

With their various projects focused on recycling or reusing computers to benefit the London community, SocialBox.biz puts the words of this blog post into constant action. Notably to show the impact of reusing technology is their upcoming project Laptops for homeless support.

Meant to be a source for quick best approaches to reusing or recycling IT hardware and other components, the blog post dives into the differences between reusing, recycling and upcycling. The blog also gives readers examples of what to do if they intend on pursuing any of the given ideas. The “Reuse v Recycle for Corporate IT Equipment” post doesn’t just ask what the best approach is; it challenges readers to find out for themselves.

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