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Information Security Management System (ISMS)

How is SocialBox.Biz Helping companies find purpose for old tech,  ( boosting ESG, Scope 3 Carbon reduction ) by re-deployment into the local community ?

SocialBox.Biz team can coach your IT department on certified, safe methods of wiping” sensitive data out of old hard drives as well as hard drive removal processes on-site and help you donate unneeded computers to those most in need in your neighborhood via our community interest initiative. We distribute your old computers to qualifying homeless and disadvantaged clients of our partner accommodation services charities, train them to use basic office software, and help them create and send out resumes to their new employers.

Re-homing your goods on a local scale can have major impacts on many levels. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the ways in which directly giving your business goods to those in need can impact your local economy – and even the sustainability of your own business.

First, it’s important to consider Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects. These three factors are vital in measuring the sustainability of any company, including the ethical impact of investments made in a company. All in all, ESG is a critical tool in measuring the future financial performance of your company, and these values can even be used by potential investors. With that said, donating your goods locally is a great way to demonstrate strong ESG.

How Donating Your Business Products Locally Can Make MAJOR Impacts


Some time ago, director made a presentation to over 50 representatives of city firms at the Environmental Best Practices event hosted by the London Stock Exchange and organised by the Corporation of London. The subject was “Secure Data Removal to enable Re-use and donation of IT Equipment” At the presentation, it was confirmed that sensitive information can be securely removed from all machines as long as companies use a reliable tools for data removal.

For example works with clients on addressing specific needs for data removal and where needed arranges appropriate on-site hard drive removal.

Whilst our focus is separating no longer needed but still useful items for reuse and donation, faulty Hard Drives that cannot be wiped of data should be physically disabled prior to recycling through an authorized process. Our authorized recycling partners also follow relevant ISO 27001 based processes. We can provide separate boxes for recycling and for donating.  and its partners follow relevant ISO 27001 Information Security based policies & procedures.

Some of our and our partners physical and digital security processes include:

  • On-site services and coaching for IT team on data / drive removal.
  • Storage in a secure warehouse in designated areas
  • Secure boxes for storage of items containing data
  • Limited access by authorised personnel only
  • Secure transportation in tracked vehicles
  • Software and hardware solutions for data removal
  • Secure data removal with certificates provided
  • Procedure & processes for quality control and double checking data removal
  • Data removal onsite service

Additional IT Security solutions include:

Onsite or offsite data removal or hard disk drive and other storage device destruction service using a specialist shredder that shreds hard drives and storage devices into appropriate small pieces preventing recovery of data.  Please speak with your project leader or contact us 

Our on site services are starting at just £500 per day, if you have a preference for specific software or hardware to be used please let us know before booking the service contact us