IT Security

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Our research has shown that fear of sensitive information stored on old PCs being used maliciously is one of the biggest obstacles preventing its re-deployment into the local community where it is needed the most.

Some time ago, Director made a presentation to over 50 representatives of city firms at the Environmental Best Practices event hosted by the London Stock Exchange and organised by the Corporation of London. The subject was “Secure Data Removal to enable Re-use and donation of IT Equipment”


At the presentation, he confirmed that sensitive information can be securely removed from all machines as long as companies use a reliable tools for data removal. works with clients on addressing specific needs for data removal consistent with relevant security standards and where needed arranges appropriate on-site hard drive removal.

Socialbox also provides training, advice and ISO 27001 consistent processes for companies to perform their own hard drive or data removal and destruction.

Faulty Hard Drives that cannot be wiped of data should be physically disabled prior to recycling through an authorized process. Our authorised recycling partners also follow ISO 27001 standard.  and its partners follow ISO 27001 Information Security policies & procedures.

Some of our and our partners physical and digital security processes include:

  • Storage in a secure warehouse in designated areas
  • Secure boxes for storage of items containing data
  • Limited access by authorised personnel only
  • Secure transportation
  • Software and hardware solutions for data removal
  • Secure data removal solutions with approved tools with certificates provided
  • Procedure & processes for quality control and double checking data removal
  • Rental of data removal tools for onsite service

Additional IT Security solutions include:


Onsite or offsite data removal or hard disk drive and other storage device destruction service using a specialist shredder that shreds hard drives and storage devices into appropriate small pieces preventing recovery of data.  Please speak with your project leader or contact us 


We also provide equipment to our clients to rent starting at just £500 per day together with our security expert.  We provide hard disk drive data destruction machines. We work hard to bring you the most advanced solutions available, if you hear of any other products or services that you would like to see on here please let us know and we’ll include it in our range if there is a demand for it.

For further details and custom solutions for you specific IT security problems please speak with your project leader or contact us