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SocialBox.Biz launched their “Laptops For Homeless Support Initiative” in 2016 seeking to re-home all excess laptops, electronic devices, and IT components in London and UK. Already well on their way, it still takes a number of firms participating to to deliver old but still working corporate laptops, and IT hardware to the marginalized members of society.

Significant partners with thousands of redundant technology pieces are needed for this initiative.  Going forward companies looking for practical positive CSR should seriously consider partnering with SocialBox.Biz. By providing the initiative with old business computers and laptops that they no longer need, knowing their efforts are improving lives of disadvantaged people.

Computers and Internet access are vital to being relevant today. SocialBox.Biz is doing something different here. Their business model focuses on social impact. SocialBox.Biz is determined to transform no longer needed, yet still usable items into resource by partnering with larger businesses and organisations.

And, economically speaking, by engaging unemployed and socially and digitally excluded members of society, laptops will enable them to join the workforce, learn marketable skills, and contribute their efforts towards growing the economy. In return, the economic expansion will help all businesses, no matter the size.

Spread the word to your friends and co-workers. Bringing old laptops, computers, servers, and routers in London to the attention of SocialBox.Biz will help the people, the communities, and the economy of the UK.


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  2. Samantha says:

    I was just looking at your Laptop donations London UK with positive impact on society site and see that your site has the potential help those in need. I just want to tell you. thanks. Here’s to your success!

  3. McG says:

    Its good to see that you encourage local London and UK based computer and laptop donations whenever possible to avoid wasted energy shipping heavy computer equipment long distances.

    Here is a helpful article I read and would like to share:

    Digital Inclusion…

    The Digital Divide or Digital exclusion describes the gap between those who enjoy ready access to technology resources and those who do not. The mission to to ensure that technology and new media improve the quality of life of all our local residents. Training and access to tools play an important role in this. Community initiative such as this gives people access to information they need to develop strong families and neighbourhoods and access vital information online.

    Thousands of thoughtful, generous donors all across western world pass along recently retired machines which are very usable, even for organisations which are technically challenged. Charities and nonprofits are thrilled to receive such donations!

    One of the biggest problems today is that a vast amount of decent computer equipment is taken out of service, stuck away in storage and forgotten. We all know computers don’t improve with age. Then why are so many machines placed in storage until they become completely useless? Many times the equipment is listed on the books as “assets” even though the machines will never be used again. Another is that it’s difficult to locate nearby organizations which could accept the donations and put the machines back to work.

    Estimates suggest over 200 MILLION machines are sitting in storage all over the US. The longer they sit there, the less useful they become. It doesn’t make sense to pay expensive storage fees if you’re never going to use the “assets.” It does make sense to donate the machines right away, keep your storage area clear and donate equipment people can actually use.

    We urge you to the right thing!

    Don’t store machines for years and years until they are useless.

    If you really want to help, give the best still working equipment you have. Encourage your employees to volunteer to help your local community. Provide technical training for teachers in your community. Get involved and help bridge the technological divide right where you live and work!

    Local community organisations are struggling along using outdated computers. At the same time, millions of computers are sent off to landfills every year and many of the machines being trashed are better than the computers many of these groups are currently using.

    Many corporations and individuals replacing their computers would be happy to donate them to local charities if they could simply locate nearby groups which could use them.

    One solution, available on the internet is a computer donation a way for potential donors to connect with charities seeking computer donations across the country.

    Successful donations help prevent the premature destruction of usable computers and related equipment, keep hazardous waste out of landfills and help needy organizations at the same time. If you have used computers to donate, it really makes sense to give them away while the machines are still useful. You’ll clean out valuable storage space and your donation will have a significant positive impact on the lives of people in need.

    help salvage ‘recently retired’ computers while they are still useful, prevent their premature destruction and get them into the hands of those in need, people with disabilities and nonprofit organizations which can put them to good use. It makes no sense to waste valuable resources when many people are in need across our country. Your used computer could have a significant impact on the lives of needy people right in your local area. You can help nearby nonprofits or community groups improve the service they provide in your community. You can keep toxic materials out of landfills and you can avoid the need to ship by donating to a local group.

    Make a difference today.

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