Defining the New Standard for Social Responsibility Through Technology

London, United Kingdom (December 2015) – has been focused on defining the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) since inception. With their dedication to helping local communities in their line of focus, has developed a variety of things to help companies go above and beyond. had a head start for the New Year with new partnerships. Because the business is solidified with these partnerships, the mission to support the call for reusable technology as a method to get the underprivileged back into society. One practical example is the laptop computer re-using London UK based initiative for homeless support recently launched. The partnerships allows Socialbox to help their local community and provide practical examples for other businesses.

“Some dispute Corporate Social Responsibility as window dressing,” says Sam Chief bloger at “However, it’s important to give credit where credit is due. There are lots of different firms making large strides to maximize benefits to society.”

Alongside the launch of their partnerships, established an expertly curated guide to ISO 26000 – the new standard form from for CSR. This guide allows to introduce a new product to companies to achieve the highest level of corporate responsibility while serving as an easy-to-understand overview of some new elements of ISO 26000.

With new ventures, new projects and an ever-growing blog constantly evolving, is advancing the CSR culture in a rapid and measurable way. Not only does want to serve as a good example of social responsibility, they hope their various services to businesses will be the driving force. For more information on visit

About is a social enterprise providing digital storage and digital inclusion social impact for corporations in the areas of London or the United Kingdom. Digital inclusion Social Impact service includes re-use, donation of computers, servers, laptop computers, routers  and other IT hardware which compliments provision of cloud based computing, cloud storage and physical business storage solutions. provides all of its digital services through the Cloud and is consistent with ISO 27001 for data security. 


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