SocialBox.Biz a certified social enterprise joins SOCIAL ENTERPRISE UK – The national body for social enterprise that represent members and helps grow the social enterprise movement. is now a Certified social enterprise. More about SOCIAL ENTERPRISE UK membership profile      

Our Team

OUR PASSION AND MISSION Our studies and methods help boards execute their Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility and other board-level policies into real world examples that deliver practical impact on local community. We are passionate about helping companies align themselves with their own policies, resulting in measurable and quantifiable results. We work with leading Index data providers that … Continue reading Our Team

How to declutter your Office

As any business owner will tell you, as their business expands it collects all manner of stuff. People, furniture, computer equipment, stationery, paper, paper, paper. Over time, various things happen that make all of this collecting of stuff unmanageable. Perhaps someone leaves, not to be replaced. The business moves to new premises, buys new furniture … Continue reading How to declutter your Office