Social Return


Our boxes and crates can also be used to provide social return for your surplus disused items. can help organisations who have various surplus office equipment maximise social return from their items


We can arrange a purchase of surplus equipment and donate the proceeds to charity, if you would like us to donate some of the equipment to charity please see our donate service. We can arrange collection of most Office equipment, Telecommunications Equipment including Mobile Phones, Servers, Laptops, Desktops etc. For a full list please check what items we accept and contact to order a box or box van collection.

With you can be reassured that your data will be secure from retrieval. For clients requiring data removal all data from equipment will be removed using tools that meet highest Governmental standards and certificates provided.

If you need an inventory of your equipment, can assist in counting, labelling,  bar-coding and recording all equipment.

If you require recycling instead we provide boxes clearly labelled recycling on them if items are for recycling and not suitable for donating and creating social return.

For recycling of materials we work with authorised specialists.