Richard Morris, UK CEO of Regus

Regus is one of the largest office solutions companies in the world, and hosts SocialBox.biz donation collection boxes for unneeded but still usable technology devices in their offices on an ongoing basis.

Morris explains why his company is proud to support our initiative We are incredibly excited to be partnering with SocialBox.biz. As a workspace provider driven by tech, we know how integral digital skills are to he way that people live and work. So, instead of putting your old mobile phone at the back of a drawer, never to be seen again, we are asking anyone using, or living nearby to, a Regus centre in London to make a difference by donating this unwanted tech. In doing so, you will be helping even more people to learn essential new skills.

Nigel Wilson, CEO Legal & General

As the UK’s market leader in managing pensions, Legal & General also manages a large stock of technological products that they donated to SocialBox.Biz initiative.

“I believe that business is more than just profit; it’s also about impact,” said Nigel Wilson, CEO of Legal & General. “Therefore, we are thrilled to be doing something meaningful with our old, no-longer-needed, but still useful infrastructure. It’s no secret we have a homeless problem here in Britain today. All we need to do is exhibit some compassion as a society.”

Nick Amin, Group COO for AVIVA PLC

Aviva, a major UK insurer and financial services provider, is committed to supporting community initiatives and has pledged to donate its unneeded laptops.

Nick Amin, Group COO for Aviva PLC says: “The work that SocialBox.Biz does on a daily basis can transform the lives of disadvantaged young people everywhere. We’re delighted that Aviva is able to support this social initiative, and we look forward to supplying the team with the materials they need to make a difference.”

Peter Mather, BP’s UK head of country

BP has worked with SocialBox.biz to implement a regular system for donating their unneeded office tech each time they upgrade their equipment.

Mather says, “We are pleased to be able to support SocialBox.biz initiative. Digital skills play an increasingly central role in modern life, and providing access to homeless and disadvantaged individuals is important for building an inclusive society.”

Sharon Lewis, spokesperson for Shell London

Shell London and Scotland have regularly asked SocialBox.biz to arrange collections of IT and other items which are no longer needed at their offices, but which are still working and useful to those who need them the most.

Lewis explains, “Many companies replace their older laptop computers with the latest in new technology well before their old computers have become completely useless. My personal reflection is that this initiative should be encouraged as part of firms and employee Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.”

Clyde Seepersad, Linux Foundation General Manager, Training & Certification

The Linux Foundation is proud to offer a range of free training courses to help individuals all over the world gain highly useful, marketable skills they can use to build and improve their livelihoods. Some of the e-learning classes are shared on SocialBox.biz platform.

“SocialBoz.biz has some wonderful initiatives, providing not just a hand out, but a hand up, to enable individuals to support themselves by conducting valuable, in demand work in the technology field,”

Sam Forsdike from C4WS Homeless Project in Central London

C4WS helps young, homeless individuals find shelter in church owned properties, and then provides them with mentoring, befriending scheme, membership in the jobs club, and access to English classes.

Forsdike says, “Becoming a partner charity with Social Box and benefiting from the Laptops for Homeless Support initiative has been a fantastic addition to C4WS.

We work with those who are homeless and support them into accommodation. Once in their new homes we are frequently asked by our former guests how they can obtain computers that will enable them to take the next steps forward with their lives, whether this be searching for work, starting college or reconnecting with family and friends. We have never been able to help them with these requests until discovering Social Box.

It has been an absolute delight to see the stunned and excited faces of those guests we have been able to now give laptops to. This simple act makes a huge difference and we are excited to see the real changes it is making in their lives, and for their futures.”

Emily Rycroft-Huddart, Employment Strategy Manager at The Passage charity that addresses homelessness

“SocialBox’s kind donations have had a profound impact on the people we support by bridging the digital divide for vulnerable individuals, including refugees and people experiencing homelessness, providing them essential tools for education, employment, and communication.”

Emma Freivogel Chief Operating Officer, Working Chance

Working Chance is the only organisation in the UK which places women leaving the criminal justice system in stable jobs. They received laptops for their clients and their training room via SocialBox.Biz initiative.

When Freivogel learned that SocialBox.biz was nominated for yet another excellence award, she said, “Again, wonderful to hear about the nomination [technology innovation award] and a huge congratulations from the Working Chance team. It is really wonderful to see that you are being recognised for the great work you are doing with disadvantaged individuals and communities.”

Lorraine McGrath Chief Executive of Simon Community Scotland

Simon Community Scotland identifies those at risk for becoming homeless, or who are currently sleeping on the streets, and provides them with shelter, as well as life skills training.

McGrath explains, “online access is vital to the process of finding a safe home, managing benefits, applying for jobs and even just keeping connected with family and friends in today’s world. Re-homing others unwanted goods is the perfect way to offer that same opportunity to people in homelessness and we are delighted to be working with SocialBox.Biz in bringing this approach to Scotland.”

Sultan client at Centrepoint, charity that helps homeless young people

Centrepoint and the Laptops for Homeless Initiative have touched the lives of many people. Sultan, a Centrepoint client who arrived there in his teens, says his laptop has allowed him to take numerous classes online, and he’s planning to use his laptop to find apprenticeships, complete ESOL, and become a mathematical engineer.

“This can help me become more independent because everything is online,” said Sultan.

Jazmine Sandison-Grech, Supporter Manager, Caritas Anchor House

We at Caritas Anchor House are so grateful for your wonderful donations of laptops, which help homeless people staying in our hostel to keep connected, aid their learning, apply for jobs and assist in their property searches. Thank you!