Corporate Responsibility Marketing Support

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Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Marketing and PR support 

Some of the Benefits Include:

  • Our initiatives are working with disadvantaged populations in the local area
  • Writing new polices which achieve a real differentiation over your competition 
  • Creating an ongoing social impact employee engagement programme
  • Creating a small number of locally focused, ongoing programmes which create a measurable impact on the community not just another one-off, box ticking exercise
  • Achieving measurable impact on society which is proportionate to the size of your organisation (based on annual profits)
  • Public relations support to help publicise your corporate governance reports and positive impact through photos, press releases, articles, marketing, and media support
  • Coaching to help you capture and measure data needed for various indexes, rating agencies, investors, stakeholders, consumers, and the general public (e.g., ESG, Carbon emissions, etc.)
  • Possible reduction in carbon emissions through local solutions

Various levels of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility custom support plans available according to your company’s needs

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