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Digital Cloud Solutions Consultancy do not work conventionally. The entire venture is run in the cloud. This saves us enormous costs in equipment and software that, with conventional computing would also require constant upgrades and additional physical storage for emails and documents.

Whilst a complete move to cloud computing may be a strenuous move for your business, we can nevertheless save you money by providing digital storage solutions for your your old documents, images and other files. This will also save you space on your servers. Your documents will be available to whomsoever you wish to share them including employees and external partners, customers etc.

Furthermore, if you currently have large quantities of paper documents either in the office or in storage, we can de-clutter your office and save on your storage costs and space through digitising those documents and providing a secure online storage box for them.

We have launched a new consultancy and coaching service to work with charities and businesses whom have legacy documents that can easily and cheaply (by comparison) stored in cloud boxes. At the same time old hardware no longer needed can use re-used in the community.

Our coaching services are also focused on data security. We can coach your IT department on certified, safe methods of wiping” sensitive data out of old hard drives and help you donate unneeded computers to those most in need in your neighbourhood. We distribute your old computers to the homeless and disadvantaged clients of our partner charities, train them to use basic office software, and help them create and send out resumes to their new employers. 

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Furthermore our  aim as a Social impact initiative  is to train and employ people from disadvantaged backgrounds to deliver our services.