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Retro Gaming laptop Retro Gaming laptop $300.00
1 x Box of 50 x Lenovo laptop chargers and power cables 1 x Box of 50 x Lenovo laptop chargers and power cables $500.00
1 x Pallet of 50 x Monitor Stands 1 x Pallet of 50 x Monitor Stands $500.00
1 x Pallet of 50 x Monitors 19-24 inch 1 x Pallet of 50 x Monitors 19-24 inch $500.00
1 x pallet of 50 x Desktops mixture of i3/i6/i7 below 7th gen. 1 x pallet of 50 x Desktops mixture of i3/i6/i7 below 7th gen. $1,000.00
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SocialBox.Biz Excitedly Announces the Start of Its Retro Tech and Computer Games ‘Museum’ Display Fundraising Efforts for 2023/24


From gaming consoles to cell phones, tablets, and computers, technology has undoubtedly come a long way over the past four decades, providing fully enhanced experiences for those looking to stay connected from anywhere. SocialBox.Biz understands how crucial it is for people to have access to advanced technology to stay connected with family and friends, further their education, and even find better job opportunities. In our quest to end tech poverty throughout the UK in the coming years, we’re looking forward to starting an incredible retro tech and computer games museum to raise much-needed funding to support its latest venture and make a difference in many lives.

The initiative to start a retro museum full of nostalgic collectible items will help fund our mission to provide disadvantaged and vulnerable communities with access to electronics, including computers, laptops, and tablets that allow residents to take full advantage of everything the internet can offer. The funding received will support community members and encourage social inclusion. It will enable everyone to use the internet for different reasons, whether they’re taking online courses, building a resume, searching for a reliable job, or even connecting with loved ones they haven’t seen in years.

We have plans to build the tech and computer games museum while keeping the community engaged and showing how far technology has come over the past 40 years. We’ve found a creative way to bring people together, raise more awareness of the digital divide across the UK, and address how important it is to bridge that gap between residents within different communities who don’t have access to technology.

Raising funds for our latest initiative to end tech poverty is the top priority. We’re planning to put items on display in the office from time to time while selling tickets for a museum-style visit that would also give guests a chance to play retro games, many of which may have been around long before most visitors of the museum were ever born. In addition, visitors may have the opportunity to purchase retro equipment and add it to their collections. We’re opening a museum that aims to bring people from all walks of life together to have a good time celebrating technology and how far it has come. We plan on using the proceeds from ticket sales to help cover the cost of tech-related expenses for the underserved communities in desperate need of access to technology.

Along with selling tickets to the ‘museum’ display and using the profit from sales to support our significant goal of giving away technology to those currently without it, our organization graciously accepts older technology that is no longer needed but still usable. If your business has any outdated, unused computers, laptops, or other electronics available, consider donating them to SocialBox.Biz and help us make a difference. Your generous charitable contribution can change lives for the better while helping us with our goal of ending tech poverty throughout the UK within the next decade.

We welcome all to support us on our latest fundraising initiative designed to provide tremendous environmental benefits and bring positive change to disadvantaged and vulnerable communities and individuals.