Central London office space too expensive ?

The Guide to Reducing Business Costs of Storage in London UK

With costs of office space in London getting our of control this latest guide shows businesses how storage reduces business costs by providing low-cost warehouse storage alternatives and comes with added security.

This is a new problem solving service from SocialBox.biz for London businesses, SocialBox.biz is helping companies reduce need for so much expensive office space by providing a low cost fully-managed storage solutions in a storage warehouse near London. Made especially to solve problems central London companies are facing with high office costs.

The guide takes readers and listeners through a series of examples and ideas on how to use storage to their benefit. The video explains how extra office furniture like filing cabinets, desks, chairs, marketing collateral, unused printers or endless supplies of paperwork can result in a loss of space and usable area in offices where space is expensive. Also it delves into the difficulties of buying in bulk without having another option for storage.

SocialBox.biz has office furniture storage and recycling options to help business avoid financial strains, and give them more usable space for both personal and business use.

The full expert guide for reducing business costs of storage is available for viewing exclusively on:

YouTube SocialBox.biz channel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJcO-CeTkjM

To solve your business storage problems and reduce your costs of storage in London  contact us  NOW.

The Best Physical Storage Methods for office furniture from SocialBox.biz


12 responses to “Central London office space too expensive ?”

  1. Expert Guide to REMOVAL and STORAGE of Office furniture in London UK provided by Socialbox.biz | Press Release says:

    Information about office equipment and furniture storage from Socialbox.biz youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJcO-CeTkjM

  2. plusone says:

    Very useful information on removal and storage of office equipment. Also recycling and reusing old laptops – love it

  3. jimo says:

    removal – storage or recycling in London and how to avoid being taken for a ride – thank you for your very helpful and straight forward guide !

  4. LondonBiz says:

    Removal, Disposal, Storage, Recycling are all important things to consider when moving office, most useful information.

  5. Sherritta says:

    Your blog is very amazing – very helpful tips on storage and removal for London businesses. thanks

  6. ian says:

    Removal, storage,recycling and donating office equipment can help reduce costs and improve corporate social standing, Excellent guide for London and UK based businesses, charities, community groups and other organisations that are under pressure to reduce costs.

  7. jjuk says:

    Removal from expensive part of town and storage in lower cost location, makes sense.

  8. q_west says:

    Fantastic blog.

  9. danniel says:

    For charity office equipment storage in London do you also provide boxes ?

  10. Sam says:

    yes storage of business documents and office equipment outside of London is a very sensible approach, great info.

  11. zuq says:

    Fantastic info, not only that office space is too expansive but also thank you for explaining about the hidden charges some companies charge when dealing with business storage in London and especially storage of documents. Your explanation of this important aspect is much appreciated.

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