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SocialBox Biz London UK Releases Expert Guide to Computer Recycling

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The step-by-step guide to computer recycling is available for viewing via Youtube channel.


How to recycle old computers and laptops ? Where to start ?

Recycling old computers and laptops can be an overwhelming process. Many do not know where to start and the  standards of disposing IT materials are. Corporations often find themselves without the correct information and clarity what is possible when it comes to removal, reuse, donation, recycling or disposal of redundant corporate computers.

SocialBox.Biz has created a guide to computer recycling to answer all of the open-ended questions. Designed to make computer recycling more accessible and well known, the London social business venture wants IT recycling to become as commonplace as recycling aluminum cans.

The guide addresses computer preparation for recycling, removal of data and valuable information before pick-up/collection, brief summaries of recycling options, and where to look for assistance.

This service from SocialBox.Biz will allow companies to get up-to-date methods of storage solutions and a secure, efficient, and eco-friendly method of recycling old company electronics.

The Guide to Computer Recycling is the latest addition to SocialBox’s cloud-based storage solutions that help London and UK businesses of all sizes turn the problem of storage and recycling into resources and opportunities for clients and surrounding communities. SocialBox.Biz wants to provide a feasible recycling option for businesses being crippled by ever increasing costs often too much information and complication.

By delivering a new outlook on the way SocialBox works, the guide explains, clarifies in simply business relevant terms what is needed to prepare computers and other equipment for recycling, and provides a brief summary of recycling options foe eco-friendly and socially impact-full  method of recycling old company computers and other electronics.

SocialBox’s guide provides an overview of the main steps of computer recycling for businesses….

Recycling is performed by our authorised specialist partner recycler in compliance with all relevant requirements.

7 responses to “Expert Guide to Computer Recycling”

  1. Allizon says:

    This guide is such a great idea. Many times, people are turned off by “more complex” recycling because they don’t know the protocol. For a lot of people, recycling laptops, computers, routers, servers, etc. would be easier if they knew exactly where to go. I will definitely be telling everyone I know about this London company. SocialBox.Biz is here to provide storage, take redundant IT components, and even re-home them to the homeless with their “Laptops for the Homeless Initiative.”

    There is definitely a lot to recycling technological devices. For instance, did you know you should wipe your servers clean of any important data before up-cycling them? This guide will help take you through necessary measures in recycling your laptops.

    Recycling IT hardware is definitely an involved process. I have used this guide multiple times already for recycling mine. It is so important we recycle items that are not good for the environment. A computer does way more damage in a landfill than an aluminum can. But, since we’re used to recycling bottles, its become easy and commonplace. We need to turn IT hardware computer recycling into an easy process, too. Tell your friends about SocialBox.Biz! I know I will be.

  2. C.D says:

    Making a video guide to computer recycling was a fantastic idea! It’s a great way to reach out to more people and get them involved with the program. Sometimes people just don’t have the patience or ability to sift through a lot of reading material online, so providing them with another way to access this info is a great step toward making sure every person has this knowledge.

    It’s even more important because this really is information that everyone should be made aware of. For our environment, for our communities, and for our own livelihood we need feasible recycling options. We need to know how to recycle old computers and laptops, because at some point most people are going to have a device like this to get rid of. So thanks for taking the necessary steps to ensure that everyone is going about this the right way!

  3. Chris says:

    I watched the video guide that you created for computer recycling and I have to say it was very well done! Not only was it organized and easy to follow, but it clearly laid out all necessary steps to recycling old computers. I also think it was the perfect length – you gave all of the important information without going on too long and losing people’s attention. So, job well done on creating an informative and usable guide! You have a very important mission that you’re taking on, and you’re doing a fantastic job of finding ways to get the message out to people.

    I completely agree with what you said, and I also hope that recycling old computers and laptops will one day be just as commonplace as recycling cans. The first step toward making it commonplace is to let people know what they have to do and then to let them know that is going to help them accomplish it!

  4. Louis says:

    You got me with the “unsure how to start” part. We know we don’t want to throw away our old computers in a dump somewhere but we didn’t know that much what other alternatives we had. One question though… What do you mean by redundant? If we have HP laptops running Windows 7, does that make them old? We know Windows 10 is the way to go but we don’t want to update unless it’s necessary.

  5. Caity says:

    Great post! I think we’ve all had an old computer at some point that died and then we said, “Now what?” Personally, I had a laptop that sat in the closet for a long time because I didn’t know what to do with it. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to just throw it in the trash. Thankfully, I had a friend who was computer-savvy and knew what to do with it. Thanks for writing this post! Now I know what to do when my next computer reaches the end of its lifespan.

  6. reasons says:

    reasons to recycle my old computer – love it

  7. Cassandra says:

    This blog has some great unique articles on recycling and donating of old office equipment and expert computer recycling guides for London and UK corporations and guides on how it benefits the society.
    I know it’s hard but keep it up.

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