SocialBox.Biz: The best security and storage solutions

A blog post by AlexStorage

When it comes to storing your business equipment packed full of sensitive information vital to the success of your company, you can’t settle for second best. Many people don’t realize how thorough the process is for wiping computers and servers clean of important data. SocialBox.Biz understands that this component of electronics storage and recycling is the most important.

At SocialBox.Biz, they have a highly secured, impenetrable storage warehouses for all clients’ equipment. When they obtain business IT components, they immediately perform top data security removal using industry tools. After that, they place the items in intricately secured boxes designed specifically for guarding devices carrying sensitive data.

They even have an extremely controlled, equipped transportation method for obtaining the items and relaying them to the secured warehouses with all items being tracked. What if you don’t know how to remove the data yourselves? That’s ok. They have data removal tools you can rent for onsite service if you prefer to do it yourself.

For electronic recycling, they will also offer data removal service for an addition fee worth paying to remove the data for you before reusing recycling or re-homing the corporate laptop, computer, server, etc. Crucial to safe storage and recycling SocialBox.Biz will guard your company’s most precious data with security being a top priority.

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