SOCIALBOX.BIZ Solves Storage Woes for London Businesses

PRESS RELEASE (December 2015)

A socially responsible and environmentally friendly company,, has a cost-effective new solution for London businesses that need extra storage space but can’t find it at a reasonable price

With the price of office space in London increasing month after month, is ready to help businesses with excess items – like laptop computers, desktop computes, servers  by donating some of them recycling via our recycling partners whose items not suitable for donation.

Also Socialbox is solving the problem of mountains of items in storage by advising on how to transfer them them into the digital cloud and solving excess storage costs and easy of access for businesses in London and United Kingdom.

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  1. […] Business storage is an option for any business and now there is a new approach of box rental which can make storage of records, old computers and office furnishings easier. There have been significant changes in the need for storage but because of this, these types of enterprises have come up with new ways to make up for it. […]

  2. Office Furniture storage and office equipment storage – most Office equipment, Vending Machines, Telecommunications Equipment including Mobile Phones, Servers, Laptops, and Desktops might needed to be put into storage from time.

    For example when purchasing brand new computers for your office, moving office or simply needing more space

  3. Tib says:

    Fantastically written article about solving problems of storage and recycling of office equipment. thanks.

  4. ash says:

    Why not rethink business office space and make a different use of space and possibly reduce costs?
    This all makes sense especially for firms in central London where rental costs are astronomical. Removal, recycling, donating, storing what needs to be stored is all about reducing costs and helping businesses success.

  5. Hick says:

    Remove, store, reuse, recycle, donate… go go go go ….win win win win

  6. Bennie says:

    one of the best blogs about storage solutions for businesses and charities in London, office space is so expensive these days that such storage of office equipment and storage of documents is a vital service.

  7. chap says:

    Thank you for another great article.

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