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A SocilBox.Biz blog post update by Heather 11 July 2020

Bloomberg recently released guidelines for determining which companies are truly green. Some of these guidelines include looking for company goals, timeframes on those goals, and if companies are looking at emissions. For years, we’ve been focused on Scope 3 emissions as a local solution backed by case studies for prolonging the lifespan of old tech and helping those who have nothing with free reused laptops in this country – thus reducing the need to ship containers abroad filled with old tech.

Donating locally is a wonderful way to reduce emissions while helping others and after-all charity starts at home !

PR WEEK story about importance of embracing sustainability

SocialBox.Biz was just in the news on The Big Issue for helping the digitally excluded. You can see the full article at

We have a proven model for helping those in need with laptop donations, and by 2030, we aim to donate thousands of laptops. It’s through this initiative that we have the potential to perhaps millions of people, but we can only succeed if we work together.

On July 4, some C-19 restrictions were lifted, and more people are back in the office now. If you’ve been waiting to get back into the office before making your donations, now is the time! If you have unwanted but working tech, contact us today to schedule a pick up of your donation.

New causes are reaching out to SocialBox.Biz daily to enquire about available laptops for their clients in need of digital inclusion for those who can not afford any kind of computer and for those in isolation. Laptops for the Homeless Initiative needs your support, now more than ever. Please contact SocialBox.Biz today! To participate and For more information, visit:

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