Laptops for Charities Contributes to the Future of Homeless People

Laptops for charities  initiative will accept disused but still working laptops.

Laptops these days are an integral part of daily life. There are some community initiatives that refurbish computers and offer them to not-for-profit groups low cost. Some organisations may accept donations on a case-by-case basis.

Laptops for CharitiesWhile donating old disused Laptops to charities one should also look after the environment and try and donate locally.

Donating your unwanted Laptops for charities is a great way to help others. For some charities it is important that the equipment is of certain spec; however, other groups have technicians who can upgrade them. There groups that will be able to make use of your unwanted computer equipment. If you are also providing software with a laptop make sure you include the software license and any installation CDs.

Before donating laptop computer equipment for charitable use you can ask family and friends often they can use the things we don’t want anymore and they can also be donate them to people who need them. If items are not suitable for donating and require recycling contact your council.

Make sure that you permanently delete all files and programs on your computer’s hard-drive. It’s up to you to make sure your personal data has been, or will be, removed from your computer. Take care of your personal data and reduce the risk of it being used by someone else.

Donating Laptops for charities is very useful and supportive for helping disadvantaged people as well as various disadvantaged groups who can’t afford or are homeless and are trying to get their lives back on track – it also contributes to their future.

Do donate your personal disused but still working laptops and other devices please visit one of our charity partner drop off sites:

For business donations please contact us:

For more Information:

8 responses to “Laptops for Charities Contributes to the Future of Homeless People”

  1. Aurorra says:

    It’s good for you, it’s good, for the society, it’s good for the environment, why not do it?
    Good to know about the services available for businesses and for domestic customers
    It would be desktops and laptops that I am interested in donating as well as mobile phones,
    thanks for letting me know.

  2. Kevin says:

    I remember the look of thankfulness I got from an old man when I gave him my laptop. I’ve seen in the news that he had just lost his house and he’s only concern was that he won’t be able to phone his daughter in Portugal. That broke my heart so I gave him an old laptop I had sitting in a drawer. I got a hold of his daughter’s Skype Id and called her; he couldn’t believe that was even possible… Great work you guys, we need more proactive actions like this!

  3. Catherin says:

    It’s not about being thrifty; it’s about being decent humans and thinking of others when you no longer need your computer hardware. Whenever I have something I no longer need, regardless if it’s a pair of jeans or a piece of furniture, I ask my family and friends if they need/want it. If not, it gets donated. It’s not that hard and you’re helping your own community #doublewin.

  4. commodore says:

    Computers to Africa have been around for a while but where can refurbished computers for local charities was a question that this website has answered.

    Where to donate computer equipment to charity in London ? laptops for charities is a great idea.

    The remaining question is will charity have my old computer where can i donate desktop computers ? Where to donate printers for charity ? Also are there any companies or charities that donate computers to schools ?

  5. McG says:

    I will also be offering a outreach program for computer training and digital inclusion where they can gain hands on experience and a education in computer science.They will have a chance to gain first hand working knowledge and experience in the fascinating world of the computer science industry.

    It is my personal belief that the only true way that society works better by doing our individual part in the community no matter how small or insignificant it may be. I also believe that if everybody would just do their little part in society we would not be faced with the majority of the problems that we have in America today.In short: If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem, its that simple! Empowering people though Education and knowledge these are the tools which are used to build and create better communities…. Please contact me if i can be of any assistance.

  6. McG says:

    At our office we have also gone gone Green! We are proud to announce that almost 8 months ago we have transitioned our Web Server, and desktop computers over to Green Renewable Wind Turbine Power. Wind Turbine is a centuries old renewable energy source which is just now over the past couple of years starting to be rolled out and implemented as an alternative energy source for data centers and web servers across the globe. We have always believed in and supported green renewable energy technology and have the firm belief that it is all of our responsibility as individuals and as a society in general to leave smallest energy consumption footprint and impact on the environment as humanly possible. We hope that those that read this will be inspired and motivated to educate themselves on Green Alternative Renewable Energy Sources such as this. cheers.

  7. McG says:

    Helping organizations and people in need is both a positive and a negative experience. Every day I feel really proud of our volunteers and the work we’re doing. It’s a good feeling when we are able to help people acquire the equipment they need to survive in our increasingly technological society. We’re providing the means for people to learn new skills and we’re helping organizations serve their communities more effectively.

    Here is another interesting article i’d like to share on this topic of

    Computer Donating…

    Like it was mentioned Computers to africa have been around for a while but where can refurbished computers for local charities was a question that this website has answered.

    Sharing your Technology and ‘recycling’ by donating used still working computers which can to nonprofit organizations, schools and people with disabilities because it is difficult for anyone to survive and prosper without the ability to use computers.

    A lack of technological skills limits employment opportunities, increases isolation and restricts access to information. Donated computers can help decrease the gap between the technological “haves” and “have-nots” by providing entry-level computers to organizations teaching “computer survival skills” in their communities.

    For people with disabilities, used computers could provide a means to learn new skills, visit web sites all around the world and communicate with family, friends and caregivers. A used computer could literally open up the world for someone trapped in bed or at home because of a disability. When we donate to someone with a disability, we give them a tool to develop their abilities and a way to escape their confinement.

    Through no fault of their own, some kids are living in impoverished conditions in homes without computers. Reconditioned computers can help provide a way for disadvantaged kids to have a better chance in life. As an example: when we give computers to kids moving into Habitat for Humanity Homes, we give them the means to acquire the computing skills they will need to survive and prosper in our increasingly technological society.

    When we give to community groups and other nonprofits, we give them a way to improve the work they do. Isn’t it better for a nonprofit organization to have several recently discarded, but still useful laptop and desktop computers than to go without computers entirely because they can’t afford to buy new?

    Thousands of community groups and disadvantaged people need these computers. They need computers and are happy with a used machine. They are ready to take the machines others no longer need. Does it make any sense to leave the machines sitting around or toss those machines in the trash instead?

    We know we can’t give everyone a state-of-the-art computer, that’s for sure. But we can rescue good, usable Apple Mac Power PCs and and Dell, HP or IBM laptops and google Chromebooks Intel processor machines before they are dumped in the trash.

    We think it’s a shame that MILLIONS of computers are taken out of service every year and simply left in storage when they could be used to help people?

    If you believe this work is worth while, please do something about it. There is often need for more volunteers, computer donation offers, good useful advice, a word of encouragement and support.

    Partner with other organizations in your local area. If you have space you would be willing to share, please get in touch and perhaps we can work something out to help. If you have volunteers with nothing to do they might be able to collected donated computers. If you’re looking for something worthwhile to do please give is a chance. Share you Computer skills with your local nonprofit organization could help improve the quality of another person’s life!

  8. Kevin says:

    Someone asked questions like – where to donate computer equipment to charity in London ? Will charity have my old computers ? Where to donate printers for charity ? and if there are there any companies or charities that donate computers to schools ?

    There are a host of reasons to donate computers to a good cause able to help others and keep more of your own money. Who would have thought that such a great benefit could come when you donate to charity. Another great reason to donate to Computers with Causes is to reduce clutter. From a warehouse of idle IT equipment to a few unused and perhaps “obsolete” office computers, we accept any sized donation. A decision to donate to charity does not necessarily mean a cash donation. You can donate to charity by giving to Computers or laptops. A decision to donate laptops can reduce is to help the disadvantaged people and charitable programs. The is to maximise the benefit of your donations to improve digital inclusion. Laptops and computers for charities is a great idea.

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