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How to declutter your Office

As any business owner will tell you, as their business expands it collects all manner of stuff.

People, furniture, computer equipment, stationery, paper, paper, paper.

Over time, various things happen that make all of this collecting of stuff unmanageable. Perhaps someone leaves, not to be replaced. The business moves to new premises, buys new furniture and equipment but the old stuff is still lurking – filling the nice new meeting room. There’s no space for all this paper as the filing cabinets are full and now overflowing from employees’ desks. The server room’s full of old laptops, servers, hard drives, mobile phones, cables and stuff that no one but the techies know what they do. These are the people that keep asking for money for new servers because the old one’s are full!

So what do you do?

Sit back and relax. The answers are simple. Declutter. How?

Call someone that can objectively help you to manage all your stuff. Someone that can:

  • take away all that redundant IT and associated kit and maybe realise some value in it for you;
    do likewise for your redundant furniture;
  • clear your important papers and put them into storage whilst securely shredding the rest;
  • get you a digital storage solution so that you pull all your important documents into the cloud for easy access and creating space on your own servers for day-to-day use.

So who are you going to call?

You could do worse that at 0843 289 5722

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