The Digital Project

Taking the battle for digital inclusion to the private and public sectors

SocialBox.Biz, a London-based technology social startup determined to use their expertise and knowledge for the betterment of both the homeless in accommodation services, older people living in isolation as well as unaccompanied refugee minors by collecting outdated laptops and re-homing them to those in need. Majority of people in these disadvantaged groups are still without access to a computer and internet.

The Solution is remedying this situation to support the most needy through redistributing disused but still working laptop computers and donating to those disadvantaged groups through charitable partnerships on behalf of those participating. Because we are a Social impact business and the majority of our profits are used towards such initiatives.

How you can help

Any organisation using computers from time to time have computers that that are a bit slow for business purposes may well be able to have its life extended for people mentioned above via our donation service. Working equipment such as printers, routers, phones etc have residual value that can go towards computers for disadvantaged people.

When you send your equipment via, data is the first priority.

Hard drives can either be:

– removed by you or we can arrange for hard drive:

– onsite removal with full certification or

– onsite data wiping with full certification

A majority share of the value created will then be used to provide computers for disadvantaged people providing unmatched social return.

The Benefits

As a corporate or public sector partner, will then help you to publicise your contribution thereby increasing the visibility of your Corporate Governance ( #Corpgov) Social Responsibility , contribution to Social Value and overall lasting impact on society for those participating on an ongoing basis.

The beneficiaries of The Digital Project will be delighted in that they can start to do what most of us take for granted.

How Do You Get Involved?

Simply complete the enquiry for at:

Read more here:

We welcome new Digital Project partners from Companies, Councils, Universities and Colleges.

Please contact us using the above form or contact our community initiatives by telephone on:

0843 289 5722